Buf (William Bufkin 1)Buf (William Bufkin 1)                  ENVIRONMENTAL PORTRAITURE 

An environmental portrait was probably one of the first types of photographic images made. Before studios were set up with backdrops, photographers were using large format cameras on tripods in tents or outside on Civil War battlefields, and in cities and rural areas alike.  

My portraits are made using your choice of locations - in your favorite chair, in your garden, in a park, in the mountains, by or in a river, with your family, favorite person or pet, or by yourself - generally using natural light whenever possible.  Although I usually do not photograph people in a studio setting, the portraits I make are very compelling, and can be used for websites, business cards, and in advertising, and are suitable for framing.
Family reunions and anniversary celebrations are events I have photographed and love doing.  The hourly rate is the same as the environmental portrait session rate.

Hourly rate for photography is $50.00/hour + tax, and for each hour rendering and printing photographs, including two 5x7 glossy prints.  

Additional prints:  (paper sizes are approximate)  

4" x 6" glossy           $1.00 each

5" x 7" glossy           $3.00 each

8.5" x 11" glossy      $10.00 each           archival fine art paper $15.00 each
Thumb drive loaded with jpegs:              $50.00