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Your wedding is one of the, if not THE most important day of your adult life, and your wedding photographs should reflect that.  Many a future bride or groom ponder giving the responsibility to a friend, sibling, or other relative who might not have the skills to shoot a complete wedding.  Wedding dresses and tuxedos cost thousands of dollars, and chances are, you will wear them only once.  As a couple, you will view and cherish your wedding photographs for a lifetime.


During a pre-wedding interview, I encourage you to think about:

--the photographic style you prefer - traditional, photojournalistic or fine art or funky - and whether you have a preference for black and white or color or if a combination of both would work best.

--engagement photographs?  I would be happy to do an engagement shoot at my standard hourly rate for environmental portraitures, $50.00/hour+ tax.  

--Make a list of photographs you would like to have made on your wedding day including - pre-ceremony, ceremony, post-ceremony, portraits, and reception.  I would be happy to assist with that.


My general photography experience spans fifty years, with work published statewide and nationally.  I have photographed over 30 wedding and anniversary events.  I will give your wedding the attention and professionalism it deserves, from the first consultation to the day I present you with the complete package.  Not only do I treat you and your wedding ceremony with creativity, passion, professionalism, and fun, I generally spend 40 or more post-ceremony hours rendering the images to make sure each meets my standards and yours.  


I photograph weddings with digital cameras, using a number of different bodies and lenses.  In addition, I will download images into an online, secure gallery for you, your family, and friends to view within five days of your wedding.  


STANDARD Package - $1,500 + tax and includes four hours of photography time,  ten 8.5" x 11" prints, a custom book from Zenfolio, Shutterfly or Blurb, and a flash drive loaded with your photographs.  

DELUXE Package$2,400 + tax and includes all the features of the first but I spend 8 full hours with the couple, family, and wedding party, and provide a boxed set of 40 3 x 5 prints.  

Payment for half of either package is due one month before the wedding.  The remaining half should be payed at the wedding.


I look forward to photographing your wedding with a passion for the image@!

Hannagan's Meadow bride and groomHannagan's Meadow bride and groom