November 28, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
The weekly exercise of photography, for me, contains bits and pieces of what I do, see, or reproduce for publication in any given week. Therefore, at the risk of this reading like a "How I spent my Thanksgiving holiday" paper from school, one of today's main blog subjects is the rum ball. I have been constructing these confections every year since...
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November 22, 2021  •  7 Comments
There was a reason other than automobile and mattress sales for the Thanksgiving holiday. Celebrated in America and around the world, it was originally a day set aside to celebrate the bounty of the harvest. I like the idea of Thanksgiving because you do not need to be of a particular religious or cultural background to partake. It is a simple conc...
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complexity, simplicity, and rhythm

November 15, 2021  •  6 Comments
Especially at this time of year, when leaves are falling from the trees, revealing everything they shielded, I am in awe, and find myself marveling at nature. Earth is full of complex and yet seemingly simple things that have some level of rhythm. One of the best examples of this is corn. The humble vegetable and staple of many a school lunchroom,...
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the spirit of leaves

November 08, 2021  •  4 Comments
Most deciduous trees, by their nature, shed leaves once a year. It is part of their life cycle. And the last hoorah of leaves, as every person in the Rocky Mountains knows, is spectacular. Even as leaves lose their colors and dry, they continue to circle around us, forming eddies in corners, around rocks, and at the base of the tree from which they...
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carbon neutral

October 31, 2021  •  3 Comments
For some odd reason, possibly a gift from our respective families, Fred and I are conservatives in the purist sense of the word. Not in the twisted and tortured way that some on the outer edges of the political and religious spectrum use it, but as in "conserving" - money, energy, and material goods - most of our married lives. All four of our pare...
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