new reflecting old

February 26, 2024  •  2 Comments
Since the first railroad train pulled into the city of Santa Fe in February of 1880, change and development and how to deal with them have been major issues for the City Different. They are for any city. But because Santa Fe was originally built and connected by wagon and burro trails, fairly narrow in scope, winding down to the river and up into t...
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turn, turn, turn

February 19, 2024  •  1 Comment
As I long as I can remember, the month of February always offered a spring thaw, sometimes brief, sometimes a week or two, but it happened without fail. The trend proved true regardless of where we lived in New Mexico - in the western, northern or central part of the state - and it was always a treat. Then March arrives, dashing hopes of an early s...
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a week of love

February 12, 2024  •  2 Comments
If one starts a week with Sunday, this week has something for everyone to love. For American football and sports fans (not to mention gamblers), the Superbowl was the biggest event all year. For those who like a grand party, Mardi Gras and Carnival are in full swing, culminating on Fat Tuesday. And Wednesday is for lovers - Valentine's Day. What be...
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February 05, 2024  •  12 Comments
This week was a milestone, of sorts, for Fred. He completed Rug # 400, which means that, to date, he has woven 468 pieces since he began learning to weave at Tierra Wools in the summer of 2003. Obviously, the class work stuck and he never looked back. I'll talk more about 400 in a moment, but first, I need to talk about Rug # 399. Woven of 100%...
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eyes and colors

January 28, 2024  •  9 Comments
This week had me wishing, once again, that I had taken physics in high school and college. It seems everything with which people deal on a daily basis involves three subjects that many students tend to avoid in school - math, chemistry, and physics. Particularly in photography, all these subjects come into play. Today's subject, once again, has to...
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