a little light lunch

January 30, 2023  •  5 Comments
In photography, as is the case with almost everything else is life, the devil is in the details. Viewing the food photography every day in the online New York Times, I take mental notes of how the prepared dish is lit, arranged, in which dish or dishes it is contained, as well as the backdrop. What I noticed most recently in the Times is that the p...
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per chance to photograph

January 23, 2023  •  4 Comments
Each season presents itself to the observer or photographer in its on way. It is up to us to look for those wedges of space and time that make themselves available. During winter, storms here frequently come from the west, heralded into the picture by wind in fits and starts. Then, suddenly, huge, nearly blinding flakes of snow fall from the sky wi...
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basic black and white

January 15, 2023  •  6 Comments
A fresh, new year, and time to enter Shadow and Light Magazine 's Black and White 2023 photo competition. Actually, I entered in December and already know that the cover winner was a photograph by Heidi Egerman, but a number of slots for 6-8 runners up and finalists remain. Still, I wanted to present a selection here for you to see. The drama of cl...
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music of the loom

January 09, 2023  •  6 Comments
One doesn't need to look far in our offices to see fiber - whether it is a random piece that has floated onto the floor, joining other pieces of wool fuzz in a corner - or a full-blown rug. One of the nice things about doing art as your passion and business is that it is not dictated by holidays. Fred and I both work at what we do every day. The rh...
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new year, new lens

January 01, 2023  •  7 Comments
It is a new year. And this first blog features my recent practice with a new lens, the Fujinon aspherical lens, 30 mm macro, 1:2.8. The smaller the number on the lens after the 1, the bigger the aperture or opening, and greater amount of light the lens allows in. This is important in a close-up or macro lens because often, the smaller the subject m...
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