a fly on the wall

June 23, 2024  •  4 Comments
A fly on the wall is widely thought of as a person who wishes to be or actually is witness to something without being seen or heard. It is what I try to be as a photographer during a wedding, or in public places or events. The expression has also been applied to a type of filmmaking '...fly on the wall documentaries' which are films of real life si...
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Las Varas de San José

June 17, 2024  •  7 Comments
Life long learning, in its most simple form, can be achieved by watching, regardless of where you are. A week without it is incomplete. The past week was overflowing, courtesy of a flower that is exploding into bloom throughout Santa Fe right now - the hollyhock. A member of the Malvaceae family, the hollyhock or Alcea rosea, has quite a story to t...
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into the rarified air

June 09, 2024  •  6 Comments
With high temperatures predicted in the mid-90s, it seemed like the perfect time to head to the mountains and inhale that rarified air one encounters at 10 to 11,400 feet in elevation. Although we have walked the Aspen Vista trail/service road for the Santa Fe Ski Basin a number of times during the years since returning to Santa Fe, we had not gone...
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He called me a "penstemaniac"

June 02, 2024  •  3 Comments
Years ago, when Santa Fe Greenhouses had a thriving business on Siler Road, where gardeners from around the state would fill the parking lot and be almost elbow to elbow with fellow enthusiasts and professionals alike, I was wandering around the greenhouses and open areas looking for assorted penstemons. The late and great co-owner of the place (wi...
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May 26, 2024  •  8 Comments
Today is Memorial Day in the United States. Several things presented themselves over the past month that made me ponder photography and how important photography is to memories and to the act of recording them as they happen. Every single photograph you or I have ever taken is a memory of something - an item we can keep in a book or view on a scree...
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