curve billed thrasher update

July 19, 2021  •  5 Comments
Nature presented yet another stellar opportunity to photograph this week in two of my favorite styles - nature and still life. Both, actually. One of the most perfect packages, although delicate, is an egg. Anyone who has ever cooked knows how delicate the simple, beautiful egg is. But the shells protect the contents. And they are ideal photograph...
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celebrations abound

July 12, 2021  •  2 Comments
Now that most countries around the globe have at least partially opened following what hopefully was the worst of the pandemic, celebrations are in abundance. Every day is something to cheer, which is the way it always should be, but with the busy-ness of life, that doesn't always happen. It is apparent that people are embracing being together and...
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July 05, 2021  •  6 Comments
Much fanfare and fireworks are given to the 4th of July or Independence Day in the United States of America. Since they came during one of the dangerously high points of the pandemic, last year's celebrations were more subdued. This year, the country is back open for business and people made and are still making the most of it. It sounded like all...
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say "ahh"

June 28, 2021  •  6 Comments
Now that the baby crow which attracted so much attention in the neighborhood last week is out and about and flying quite nicely, the focus is on open mouths in the cholla cactus. A pair of curve billed thrashers have a nest full of very hungry chicks, awaiting their next meal. We'll start with one of the parents, keeping the chick tucked in and war...
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it takes a village

June 21, 2021  •  5 Comments
One of the more noticeable side effects of the pandemic closures, at least in our city, is home improvement. Since people weren't traveling, energy was and is being spent on those home improvement projects everyone was putting off for years. Not a single day passes during which some sort of construction - interior, exterior, and landscaping - occur...
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