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Alley, walls, and red door, Brugge, Belgiumbaroque exterior, Dom St. Stephan's, Passau, GermanyBell tower and shadows, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Taos, New MexicoCeiling, Dom St. Stephan's, Passau, GermanyChacmool Temple of the Warriors, Chichen Itze, MexicoChaco Canyon windowChaco Canyon windowChaco wallChicken coop door, Territorial House, Taoschurch bells and shadowsColumbia River Bridge, Astoria, OregonDoor, Japanese gardens, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CAembellishment, Rathaus, Bamberg, GermanyFort Union archway and wagon wheelFort Union, New MexicoFt. Ross State Historic ParkGate, Santorini, GreeceGolden Gate Bridge (detail) San Francisco, CaliforniaGolden Gate bridge upright, black and whiteGolondrinas images - buttress of church