Hello, Winter!

February 04, 2015  •  3 Comments

After what was a relatively warm January, Winter said "hello" this week, leaving a foot of snow on the high mesa to nourish the earth.  As I write, snow is sliding off the metal roof.  But because it had been so warm, very interesting things have been happening.  Our friend and Navajo Churro Sheep registrar Connie Taylor said the snow was like concrete.  It was heavy, dense, filled the shovel in blocks, and probably would have made a great igloo.  I am certain I missed this week in physics class, but the conditions were perfect to create the cornice shown below, which has grown in the last couple of days and may come crashing down this afternoon as the temperature warms.  Small pieces fell from one corner this morning, but it is surprising, given the weight, that it is hanging on at all.

ice corniceice cornice On the south side of the house, the snow was very different and more crystalline in nature, as is demonstrated in the image below showing lacework melting into icicles.

Ice abstractions 1Ice abstractions 1 Water dripping onto solid ice in a stock tank, does some really wild and strange things.  The white streaks in the photograph is water dripping and splashing onto the ice.  I took the photograph in color mode and did not make adjustments to render it black and white.  

ice abstractsice abstracts

The same is true of the close-up here.  A thin layer of dripping water with air bubbles sits atop a block of solid ice, the consistency of which looks like a giant kelp forest. 

ice abstractsice abstracts By going to the photograph area of my website, you can enlarge all the images to see more magical detail.

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Steve Immel(non-registered)
I could swear I commented on Monday but maybe the weeks blur. Anyway I really like the way you've informed us about "life on the mesa" over the years. The wide angle of the about to crash "cornice" is great. It depicts your snow laden roof perfectly. The lacey southside shot reveals how different north and south facing surfaces deal with ice and snow.

And speaking of warmer climes, I'm off to the Mojave by the way of Scottsdale to meet my son for a little photo safari. See you after.
Blacks Crossing Photography and Writing
Thanks for your comments! They are appreciated. The photographs are testimony to the forces of nature, in this case, small but ever so persistent.
D & D(non-registered)
Indeed, we missed your Monday morning entrance into our lives! As they say, "absence makes..," so we were even more delighted than usual to hear from you and see the marvels of winter... from the comfort of our Florida beach chairs! Your north side snow show is amazing and all of today's photos did make "...our hearts grow fonder," as well as homesick. Congrats on capturing M. Nature's magic. And, we're so happy you were able to restore all photos for our continued enjoyment.
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