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September 21, 2015  •  7 Comments

Just after I had photographed the corn featured in last week's blog, I went into the raised bed again to see what other kind of corn cobs were ready for their close-ups, and found some absolute jewels.  Nature contains the most incredible color and design combinations. Needless to say, I spent another eight hours or so over a period of three days photographing what some call "Indian corn" or native corn.

Because of the variation in colors, I worked with a number of different backdrops, including grass, stone, and adobe, as well as different fabrics.  My goal in the image below was to complement the pastel kernels.  I used both off-white and tan fabrics in addition to the worn blue jeans show here.  The end result wasn't precisely what I thought it would be, but I don't work with pastels often so it was a good experiment.

Corn jewels 4Corn jewels 4 The next shots were made outside, on an adobe wall, on flagstone, and in dried grass.  The late afternoon and lower autumnal light accentuated the vibrant colors.  Thanks to Donna Coates of Austin, Texas, for creating the beautiful basket in which in the corn sits. Corn jewels 1Corn jewels 1

Corn jewels 3Corn jewels 3

Corn jewels 2Corn jewels 2 The final shot was made on a flat cotton fabric with a small amount of fill light provided by a Flashpoint on-camera light panel.  The reds of the corn are like rubies.

Corn jewels 5Corn jewels 5  ​

If you are in the Taos area this weekend, stop by for the Taos Fall Arts Festival and The Paseo street art events.  The festivities begin on Friday evening at 5:00 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church gymnasium, the Stables Gallery, and along the main street - Paseo del Pueblo Norte.  

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Catherine Sobedo(non-registered)
Your last image with the black background leaves much to the imagination! It is absolutely beautiful and captivating!
Chuck Woodburn(non-registered)
The last one with the dark background and the ruby red kernels is absolutely stunning. Love it!
Daryl and Mother Nature: What a dynamic duo! Your photos with background and lighting nuances...and your corn...are true wonders of art and nature united. A delight for all of us who love to garden for beauty as well as the produce! Thank you for sharing your talents!
excellent to see them all on different backgrounds and with different light.
I think you captured the wonder and beauty of nature's jewels!
Lawrence Jones(non-registered)
I may be prejudiced, but I like the photos using the basket. The truth is that all of these images are beautiful! See you in another week. Can hardly wait to get there.
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