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November 07, 2016  •  2 Comments

Other than the seemingly endless political marathon, the one piece of news that effects most Americans at this time of year is the change from daylight saving time to standard time.  The change is always a bit odd and requires some adjustment.  Lessening daylight seems to sneak up on us, and the human change of the clock to an hour earlier adds a mind-alterting shift.  So before we collectively retreat into the increasing night, and start constructing pots of soup, green chile stew, posole', and pasta, permit me to blog a photographic ode to the blooming season.


Blue flax arrive early and stay late, bless their hearts, turning their faces to sun.

blue flax-blue flax-


I always love the challenge of creating black and white photographs from blue.  A single flax face is a perfect subject.

blue flax black and white-blue flax black and white-


The high country provided a lot of photographic material this year as far as flowers are concerned.  

Fawn lily close-up

Fawn lily-Fawn lily-


Wild iris choreographed quite a show this year, and working with images of them could provide work for a life-time.

Wild iris 2016Wild iris 2016


A trip to Seattle in April enabled me to photograph flowers I rarely see here, such as this camellia, with its big, in-your-face petals.



Good shooting to you, as we enter a new season of photographic possibilities!

until next Monday,


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Lawrence Jones(non-registered)
Beautiful work as usual!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Beautifully shot all but I'm all over the silvery grays of the black and white images. The flax face in the prefect subject for sure. It's stellar!
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