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At this season and this time of year (winter in many parts of the northern hemisphere), people tend to turn inward and take time to assess their lives as the shorter days make animals of all stripes want to hibernate.  2016 is definitely a year most will remember, with elections in many parts of the world that seemingly turned life upside down and inside out.  Change is definitely afoot and we are along for the ride.  Many people with whom I have spoken in the last several months, carry a sense of unease about the future.  No wonder, then, that fantasy and science fiction books, movies, and games are hugely popular.

As a photographer, my work could be divided into thirds.  One third fantasy, one third reality, and another third a combination of both.  Many images, particularly in nature, fit the latter category.  The images here are ones I can view endlessly and see different things.  Not necessarily because they are world-changing images, but because they hold many elements that appear new and different, or that can reveal themselves anew.  Here is a selection of some of my favorites.

A "hole" in the sand at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Colorado

Great Sand Dunes holeGreat Sand Dunes hole    


"Twirl" - false helibore



Sandstone hoodoos at El Malpais National Monument, New Mexico


El Malpais detailEl Malpais detail


Aspen are always evocative

aspen study verticalaspen study vertical


I never get tired of this frog from the Köln Botanical Gardens!

frog closeupfrog closeup

With luck, you will have some time to fantasize this holiday season!

until next Monday


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Elida Hanson-Finelli(non-registered)
Thank you Daryl once again for your presentation of the still, quiet and mystical beauty all around us. You are a wonderful artist and never cease to inspire me.
Fred Barraza(non-registered)
Loved "Twirl" and the aspen. Your photos are wonderful!
Chuck Woodburn(non-registered)
Very inspiring images one of which stimulated my imagination: to whit. I couldn't help but see the resemblance of The Donald to the frog. I feel bad for the frog who is the innocent party and the victim of my overactive imaginings.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
What a great array, Daryl. From the abstract dunes and leaves in images one and two to the very objective and engaging frog in image five each is a wonder. This series demonstrates your breadth and accomplishment as a photographer.
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