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On mornings such as this one, I find myself grasping for the proper words to describe the feel and smell of the air.  After several weeks of wind and capricious weather, the last two days have been eerily still and wonderful.  Walking out this morning, there was just enough moisture and warmth to allow all growing things to shed their essences and fill the air.  In previous blogs, I have said that when the wind is right, even on the dry juniper-piñon mesa, we smell the ocean.  Today, more evidence that this beautiful earth of ours is a closed system came to the fore as we smelled blossoms from the valleys.  The closest fruit tree is at least eighteen miles away, and yet, here is a fragrance so wonderful and evocative that it sends your head reeling.  My only way to come close to describing it is through photographs.  I don't even know what kinds of trees these are.  They are probably apples and crabapples, but in this context, it doesn't make a lot of difference.  A slather of blossoms on the page, working their way into all the senses.



blossomsblossoms     blossoms-3blossoms-3

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I savor the smell as I look at the photos
Beautiful blossoms!
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