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Just as sure as the sun rises and sets, August ushers in the season of sunflowers.  They line the roadways with New Mexico state flag gold. But just as certain is the fact that when the sunflowers grow to a specific height, Highway Department staff do their due diligence and mow the sides of the roads.  So I knew that if I did not get out and photograph them now, they would soon be gone.  The sometimes gangly growth habit always makes them interesting photographic subjects.  It is no wonder that van Gogh frequently used them for his studies and paintings.



Back light, courtesy of the sun, reveals the lines and folds that each flower carries.





This lone sunflower seems to be serving as a highway flagman.  "Drive this way, slowly, and look at me."


Many of you will be on the road or in the air this week.  Keep safe and enjoy the ride.

until next Monday,


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fred barraza(non-registered)
Beautiful images!
Daryl Black(non-registered)
Thank you Ingrid, Catherine, Steve, and Donna and Dave for your kind comments and for reading my blog. The Highway Department mowed today. All the sunflowers along the highway are gone, but they will return next year, same time, same place. Glad I was able to photograph them and give them to you.
Totally enjoyed these happy golden shots. They always leads us into late summer and autumn.
Catherine Sobredo(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
I can't top D&Ds comment. They are so right. I love the turn of phrase "reveals the lines and folds". It's hard to pick a favorite from these lovelies but I think I'll go with the headshot number three. 44 huh? It's a muggy 80 here on the ranch at 3pm.
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