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November 05, 2017  •  3 Comments

As promised last week, I continue to blog today with images from the Sawmill District in Albuquerque.  My penchant for geometrics was definitely piqued by the architectural elements of a number of different buildings, particularly those designed to obscure mechanical areas.  In the two photographs below, the concrete blocks appear to do exactly that.  Together with contrasting colors, the forms play with the morning light.

Sawmill District architecturals 1Sawmill District architecturals 1

Sawmill District architecturals 2Sawmill District architecturals 2


Although it was built, if my memory serves me correctly, in the late 1960s, the Hotel Albuquerque (formerly the Sheraton Old Town Inn) has quite the striking edifice.  At that time, it housed dignitaries and heads of state from all over the world.

Hotel Albuquerque exteriorHotel Albuquerque exterior

It's new sibling, the Hotel Chaco, about which I wrote last week, has its own rhythm created by windows and sandstone.

Hotel Chaco south stone workHotel Chaco south stone work


Many different elements are highlighted in the Albuquerque Museum (aM).  Here is a building corner with glass, and again, sandstone.

Museum of Albuquerque exterior detailMuseum of Albuquerque exterior detail


The outside of the museum blends sculpture garden and park.

Museum of Albuquerque building and gardenMuseum of Albuquerque building and garden


As the shift from autumn to winter begins, and animals and birds change locations, many photographic opportunities await.  I hope you are able to take advantage of the richness these alterations provide.

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You showcased the architecture beautifully, Daryl. You are definitely an artist, creating pieces with light and aspect. I'm in awe. Can you imagine those photographs enlarged and hanging on some big wall? People would be standing there staring with their jaws dropping. Thank you for sharing your talent in this blog.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Great, very abstract architecturals, Daryl. I like that in the first two you can't be sure what you're looking at. Are they storm drains, vents for mechanicals? I'm still not sure. I like the patterns of the Hotel Albuquerque in particular. Nice stuff.
Chuck Woodburn(non-registered)
Cool stuff Daryl. Keep it coming. Us architects love it!
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