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December 04, 2017  •  4 Comments

Anyone who has used a camera knows that there is more to photography than releasing the shutter.  The camera itself, developer and printing chemicals, computers, software, printers, and papers have to be made first before the photographer even begins her or his work.  Planning a photo shoot, calculating time and mileage, or doing set ups and studio shots and checking batteries and equipment are the first part of the individual's journey.  After the photographs are made, they are either developed in the darkroom or on the computer, and then printed or formatted for use in publications.  Meaning that, in the long run, the darkroom or computer work may actually take more time than the shoot itself.  If you love photography, none of these stages is really work but an adventure each time you enter the darkroom or sit down at the computer to render photographs.  There are deadlines for publication as well as those that are self-imposed, and pressures when shooting weddings (only one chance to get it right), but it is still fascinating.  An added bonus is that sometimes, as I did this week, you discover something you never knew about a computer program.

All this is to say that during the past week, I didn't shoot much, but devoted my time to photographic development at the computer, working on the sets of prints and greeting cards I am assembling.  Choosing images, making sure their rendering works well with the papers being used, and each print is what I want.   As they say, the best way to start any day of photography is with a good breakfast.  

breakfast - toast-2breakfast - toast-2


eggs in bowleggs in bowl


And to top it off, one of the great flavors of life, coffee.  

coffee beanscoffee beans


I look forward to getting out and doing some architectural and environmental portrait shoots this month, and learning more secrets of development.  Hopefully, you will be able to do the same.

until next Monday,


a passion for the [email protected]


I'll be right over to help partake in the wonderful food and drink.
Elida Hanson-Finelli(non-registered)
As always.....a most thoughtful, accurate and beautifully described set of circumstances. Being out shooting is still and always my favorite part of this process and yet the thrill of processing and printing Is something I love and am grateful to be able to do as well. You just reminded me of another set of gifts to be made for the very near future....which is how this day will be spent!
Cheers to you talented Lady!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Such a thoughtful reflection on the life of a photographer. The adventure of being out in the elements or assembling a stiff life is just part of the process and is mostly intuitive (to me) but the processing, whether in the wet darkroom or in front of the computer, is where the rubber meets the road. It's where you find something you didn't even see in you took the shot. I'm more of a yogurt, fresh fruit and granola guy but, like you, the fresh brewed joe kicks it all off. Enjoy the ride, Daryl.
Mmmmm. Buttered toast with honey. Looks so good. Last night, here, the wind was howling. I was afraid it would break some more tree limbs, but they're okay as far as I know. I estimate the wind here was 70 mph or so. Whistling through windows that were not covered with the storm windows. Sunny today, though. I always feel sorry for the birds and feral animals out in it. I built a little shelter out of concrete blocks on the east side of the house so the feral cats can get out of the wind. What I really need is a barn, lol. Sounds like you will have some fun, photographically, this week. I still marvel at the wedding photos you did for my daughter's wedding. So beautiful. Stay warm and have a great week!
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