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August 28, 2017  •  3 Comments

Today's blog takes a page from Fred's weaving.  Every year before the Taos Wool Festival, which this year is 7 and 8 October in Kit Carson Park, he weaves a rug from the surplus small amounts of wool left from larger rugs, and uses them to weave a one-of-a-kind piece.  Ever popular because of the myriad colors and the way Fred puts them together, Rug # 304 is his most recent year in review.  Here it is, in case you did not see it on Facebook.

Rug 304Rug 304

Because I am out with my camera a lot, there are usually shots, not particularly of one theme or subject matter, that sometimes make a whole in a weird sort of way.  As the light changes and people in the high country of New Mexico start to sense the feeling of autumn in the air, lots of photographic possibilities present themselves.  The gold in flowers, green in chiles, and different creatures in the garden.  All of these images were made this month.


Sunflowers line the highways...

sunflower 2017sunflower 2017

sunflower study in black and white 2017sunflower study in black and white 2017


...Shishito peppers grilled and salted, ready to nibble...

Shishito peppersShishito peppers

...tomatoes, basil, and cheese from the Farmers' Market...

Caprese saladCaprese salad

...and fresh from the garden, a praying mantis keeping a sharp eye out on this photographer

praying mantis 1praying mantis 1

praying mantis 2praying mantis 2

until next Monday,


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Oh, Daryl, such beauty you've captured with your camera. The Praying Mantis shots, such beautiful colors, reminds me of how delicate and precious our ecosystem is for life. What are the red flowers upon which they're perched? My yard, each year, has an abundance of those sunflowers like your photo, and mostly I just let them do their thing. The bees just love them. You and Fred are both so artistic. Such talent. I am just in awe of both of you. His rugs are so beautifully woven. Thank you for these glimpses of your life there at Big Sage. I love to read what your thoughts are regarding how you see your subjects, and what you see in them. Wonderful.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Far from odds and ends this look back is a really good idea and beautifully rendered. I'm knocked out by Fred's odds and ends rug. It's magnificent! What a magical month of photography you've had. The praying mantis does seem to be looking at you. The Caprese salad is mouthwatering.
I love how the praying mantis appears to be posing for you! Amazing!
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