January smiles

January 07, 2018  •  4 Comments

Most of New Mexico has been frightfully spoiled this winter with the relatively warm and sunny weather.  People in the midwest, south, and east are all suffering from record low temperatures and in some places, are buried beneath record snow fall.  Those of us in the Southwest know we need moisture badly, but most continue to revel in the sunshine.  

Yet, it is January, and there is still much less sunshine.  Combined with lows in the single digits most of last week and highs in the 40s, winter is holding on tight.  This made me think about what makes me smile in the winter.  Which also turned my mind to art and photography.  Art is evocative, period.  No one can look at a piece of art, whether it is a painting, a sculpture, or photography without eliciting a reaction.  That response may be "you call that art?" or "isn't that stunning?" but there is always a statement either verbally or emotionally to accompany the piece of art.  

The process of making an image includes many emotions, and the end product reflects those feelings in some way.  You know from reading my blog that I love many subjects and I react to each in a different way.  But I thought that during this winter month in the northern hemisphere, perhaps some January smiles were in order.  I frequently smile at portraits of people, but I wanted to include other images today that always make me smile, for whatever reason or reasons. Perhaps they will make you smile as well.

Roses for you...

roses in handroses in handKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA


A very curious coyote pup in the garden...

coyote in flowerscoyote in flowers


Reeds in a pond in the suburbs of Denver...

reed in pondreed in pond


Frog of a most princely type...

frog on lily padfrog on lily pad


and a few challenges and smiles for me this afternoon as I attempted one of the few selfies of me you will ever see...


May many things bring smiles to your January!

until next Monday,


a passion for the [email protected]





We had a good laugh at that cute selfie. You did it. Smiles. :)
As always amazed how you describe nature, love, beauty, emotions in such a gentle sesitove way, saying it all with your very light touching way. Love the selfie of the photographer....and the rest.
Have a great, meaningful year, full of beauty to pass on to us lesser beings. Love and light
I LOVE the coyote pup. I still have your Christmas card of several years ago with the coyote pup sitting primly amidst the sage that surrounds your place....Happy New Year to you and Fred!
I just love your selfie!
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