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November 19, 2018  •  4 Comments

My head is still spinning from the Fall Fiber Fiesta at the Scottish Rite Temple in Santa Fe this weekend, and it has been an interesting challenge not to overload you here with the details - both written and photographic.  But a huge and unanticipated take away from the three days was the fact that there are incredibly talented people out there, working with their hands and creating beauty that you cannot find anywhere in chain stores.  They are serious artists, some with Master's Degrees and PhDs, incorporating what they know into original art.  It is also exciting to see the number of younger people taking the arts to a whole new level, and sharing their talent and excitement.  So our thanks go out to April Jouse, Director of Programs at the Española Valley Fiber Arts Center, Kathy Konecki, Executive Director, and the other employees and volunteers who made the event possible.

I begin with the two incredible women who had their table next to Fred's space at the Fiesta.  Being in such close proximity with people for several days provided a great opportunity to get to know them and their work.  Fred and I were thrilled to be seated next to Lysandra Nelson and Liza Ryus.

In addition to the needle felting work she does (shown below),  Lysandra is an animator, illustrator, and computer graphics artist of incredible talent.  She works in both 2D and 3D computer and gaming graphics, as well as both traditional and computer animation.  Her needle felted New Mexico bird population sold out by the second day.  The magpie shown here sold shortly after I took this photograph.  The art of needle felting is quite fascinating.  All the pieces in the foreground are made of felt, firmly manipulated to render shape and dimension with sharp, thin needles.  Lysandra's fingers are the proving ground of her skills.

Lysandra and her creaturesLysandra and her creatures

Shown below is one of Lysandra's armadillos with one of her bird illustrations.  You can find her work at https://lysandraws.com/

armadillo by Lysandraarmadillo by Lysandra

Liza Ryus has a number of "day" jobs, including serving as a costume designer for the San Francisco Opera.  But one of her other creative endeavors is The Millenimals, finely knit and accessorized animals which are "self-described young artists trying to make it in a boomer world".  They have a heavy social media presence of their own and travel around the world.  Check out the likes of Pola-Bear and Bropossum at https://www.themillenimals.com/meet-the-millenimals.  Here are a couple of shots of Liza and the gang at the Fall Fiber Fiesta.

Liza and her MillneimalsLiza and her Millneimals

Lisa was constantly working while talking about some of her favorite characters with clients.  Note the Social Justice Terrier, protesting in the middle of the photograph.

Liza at workLiza at work

It seems that even the support crew at the various artisans booths are talents in their own rights.  Kelly Pasholk was assisting artist Wendy Clarke - www.dancingdonkeyart.com - at her table but also by modeling her hats and tiaras at the Fiesta. I caught her walking through the exhibit area.  She has designed covers for a number of books, and is a water colorist.  http://winkvisualarts.com/winkvisualarts.com/Designs.html

Kelly wearing Wendy's hatKelly wearing Wendy's hat

Not to let a possible environmental portraiture shoot go by the wayside, I noticed Christine Hernandez on the first evening of the Fiesta and knew immediately that I wanted to photograph her.  She was kind enough to spend some time outside at various locations around the Scottish Rite Temple while I tried to capture the perfect image of her extremely expressive face.  Christine's business is titled "Lil Weavy Handwoven" - lilweavy.com.  She wears her work well.

Christina H. 1Christina H. 1

Christina H. 2Christina H. 2

Christina H. 3Christina H. 3

That is certainly enough for one blog.  Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving week!

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elida hanson-finelli(non-registered)
Thank you for last week's very moving blog about Veterans Day and this week's Very Fun and beautiful coverage of the Fiber Festival! Darn, we thought it was the weekend coming up and wanted to attend. Easy to lose time and events up here and Taos...
Fred's display was beautiful to look upon and always makes me long for ownership!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we will see you around.
What enthusiasm you show,in your art!
Portraits of Christine are stunning!
Loved having website links to other artists you featured.
Agree w Steve, Mr. Black is the best! How did you get the shy guy to pose?
Steve Immel(non-registered)
The Fall Fiber Fiesta sounds like some shindig, Daryl. Your enthusiasm for the event and the people you met comes right off the page. As always Fred's rugs are stellar, He's simply the best weaver out there. We notice you poor folks have been socked with winter. It portends a snowy season. See you soon.
Fred Barraza(non-registered)
Wonderful photos Daryl. And, the attached photo of Fred with his fantastic weavings display is so great.

I haven't seen Robert in a long time. Congratulations to him.
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