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February 26, 2018  •  8 Comments

I love the Olympic games - both summer and winter - and cannot conceive of the practice and development of strength, endurance, and skill it takes to compete. The games also put my mind to work about games and how the origins of many of the sports came from sheer practicality and need, such as cross country skiing, biathlon, and downhill skiing.  Humans living in cold climates needed straightforward methods of transportation before fossil fuels were even imaginable, and the ability to procure food, probably with bows and arrows and later with guns.  The women and men competing now don't have the same life and death needs as the creators of these activities.  But they certainly have taken them to new heights.  Participants in the winter games that just concluded took every single event to new and stunning levels.

Another modern day event has its roots in real life, real time necessities.  The rodeo is a competition based on skills needed for riding and roping animals in order to get them and keep them on the range, in the corral, or to the train depots or stockyards.  From the photographs here, you can tell this was definitely "my first rodeo" - not as a participant but as a photographer - and I discovered that photographing a rodeo requires very special skills exclusive to the sport. The first two shots were of rodeo clowns preparing for their work. 

rodeo clowns perparingrodeo clowns perparing

rodeo clown stretchingrodeo clown stretching

Here is an action shot of the rodeo clowns at work, distracting the bull.

calf ropingcalf roping


I call this image of a cowboy waiting to compete "The Working End"

The Working EndThe Working End


Now the work is done, for the time being.


A technical note.  These shots were made using a Mamiya 645 1 3/4 by 2 1/4 format camera, on lford 400 film, and scanned.


A tip of my hat to all, who, regardless of their work or sport, are constantly taking what they do to higher levels!

until next Monday,


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The Olympic prowess and games also put my mind to work about games increasing the more sports came and perfect thoughts as well. The perfect http://www.australian-writings.org/ methods of transportation before fossil fuels as the creators heights.
Catherine Sobredo(non-registered)
Interesting shots. I would never have thought that this was your first attempt. One has to be prepared to say the least! Congratulations!
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
Ah, yes, nice rodeo shots. I have a few of those myself. As you know it is hard to get good shots of such fast live action.

When I was growing up in western Nebraska, we would go to the big rodeo for Cheyenne Frontier Days. Now that's a first class rodeo.

And last June we went to the big rodeo in Reno Nevada. I got a couple of neat videos there.

Anyway, always nice to see your pics. Thanks
A tip of my hat to you who are one of those..............
(about the comment on doing what you do and taking it to higher levels)
Nice light and shadows- look at all the boot and hoof prints on that ground. You even caught the puffs of dust being kicked up. Very sharp photos. I shy away from rodeo clowns, but I do know they are doing dangerous work. You wrangled some great pictures there, l'il missy. Nice job. You didn't even get trampled by the bull, thank goodness.
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