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February 05, 2018  •  5 Comments

Thrushes or the Muscicapidae family apparently have had a very good year. There are hundreds of robins, bluebirds, and solitaires coming to our water dishes to bathe and drink in this winter of little moisture.  These birds got me thinking about eyes and their significance in both the bird and human world.

Solitaires and robins have eye rings that differentiate them from other perhaps similar looking birds.  At first blush in flight, the solitaire looks like a fairly nondescript grey bird.  But a closer look reveals that white eye ring and some buff colored feathers above the tail area.


The American robin also has an eye ring, as shown below.


Roosters and chickens seem to have large, intense eyes.  Apparently, eye rings are not required.

Big Daddy eyesBig Daddy eyes

Eyes of all species are constantly searching and sensing what is necessary for survival, true of this coyote watching me.

coyote eyescoyote eyes


Then there is the human eye, coming in all shapes, sizes, and colors, each speaking its own language within a smile, a frown, glare, or in a stare of wistfulness.


I do not know the significance of an eye ring, or the particular color or shape of an eye, but I have a deep appreciation of them.  In my book, the eyes do have it!

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Larry Jones(non-registered)
Love these photographs Daryl!
Catherine Sobredo(non-registered)
Very interesting and beautiful variety of eyes both animal and human allowing the viewer to interpret what they convey. Beautiful work, Daryl!
I've always found eyes fascinating. It's interesting how melanin in the skin affects coloring, but I don't know why that's built into the DNA. My opinion is that our Creator is quite the artist and inventor. Extraordinary photos, Daryl. You captured the essence of 'windows to the soul'. BTW we received a little over an inch of snow this morning! Insert Snoopy Dance, here. :)
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Boy, the eyes say a lot. I'm really enjoying your intimate examinations of nature's critters, even the lowly human. I did not know about eye rings. The coyote's intense gaze suggests that it's assessing the danger afoot. The human eyes may disclose the mood behind them. Human #2 seems sad whereas #4 seems happy and smiling. Probably just the opposite though.
EYE love this week's pix. great to know about bird detailing. Rooster is glorious color and composition!
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