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March 11, 2018  •  5 Comments

Thanks to all of you who read and comment so regularly on this blog.  It is great to receive your input.  Which is one of the reasons why today's edition is a bit of a nod to winters past.  TTT wrote saying she was absolutely not ready for spring, and that she wanted to see some winter before things start emerging from the ground.  By request, here are some shots from snow-filled winters, the first of which is from December 2015.

winter solstice shotwinter solstice shot

But just to give those of us faith that winter may still grace us with snow, here are two photographs from the 2nd of April 2017.  Yes, last year.  So different.

April snow on adobeApril snow on adobe

House in April snowHouse in April snow

And the grand finale, with aspen in full leaf and daffodils blooming, this quick shot is dated 19 May 2017.  I remember it will because I had foolishly planted our basil seedlings, grown in the greenhouse, outside.  After all, the official date of last frost, May 15, had already passed.

May snowMay snow

The weather in the Rocky Mountain west always seems to keep us guessing, which is probably a good thing.

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I am very happy to visit the blackscrossing blog and more information about saying she was absolutely not ready for spring http://customessaysreviews.com/ blog. The faith that winter may still grace us with snow and photographs from the official date of last frost.
Your house is so lovely in the snow. The terra cotta colors is so warm in contrast and it looks odd to see green leaves and snow, doesn't it? Snow on everything just makes everything look ensconced in a soft ethereal other-worldly illumination. So beautifully, you have captured that. Last frost, since I've been paying attention to it, is around June 14. One year my potatoes froze, as did my corn transplants. They both came back, though. If you cut off the frozen parts on potato vines, it will stop the signal for the plant to die, and they will send new shoots and do well. This year is going to be like playing roulette with the setting out date. Or maybe we'll get a very early summer. We need snow desperately here in the Valley this month and next month, too.
Daryl Black(non-registered)
Friends in Santa Fe say they had one third of an inch of snow, and people points south had more than that. We'll keep our fingers crossed for some April snow, Steve and Dave! In agreement all around!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Thanks for the nod to winters past. And here's hoping we'll get a taste of it before the wind blows. No, wait a second. It's already blowing. I like the shot of your adobe wall laden with snow and pavers leading into the frame. There was a chance of snow last night but, alas, nada.
Dave Okerberg(non-registered)
I have Great Hope that April will be a abundant snow month. And if anyone complains about all the snow in April.......They will have to be shot!!
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