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April 30, 2018  •  4 Comments

Whether or not one believes that the year, season during that year, and time of day of birth influence the personality of child, it is apparent to me that those children born in spring - in addition to having the wild and wooly weather incorporated into their being, seem to be creative and passionate about life, and are capable of great empathy and love.  I know a huge number of them who burst forth with energy, sometimes generating little whirlwinds around themselves, while at other times, literally making the world glow.

Nearly ten years ago to the day, I was fortunate to do a photo shoot with a new friend, Catherine Sobredo, in downtown Santa Fe.  She is a great photographer, with a love for the arts, having done photo series on ballet, flamenco, tango, and modern dancers.  I have since learned that, in addition to her compassion and deep love of people, those feelings are shared with other creatures particularly those in jeopardy, including the wild horses of the western United States, and others that are abused.  We are both quintessential children of spring. We had a lovely time wandering around the Plaza and environs, taking photographs of places and faces, although my mission was to shoot some photographs of her.  Shooting with my Nikon D80, I had serious lens envy seeing the lenses she was using on her Pentax. 

Catherine Sobredo shoot Santa FeCatherine Sobredo shoot Santa Fe

Catherine wears hats well, and her black hat added drama to many of the shots.

Catherine Sobredo shoot Santa Fe-3Catherine Sobredo shoot Santa Fe-3

Catherine Sobredo shoot Santa Fe-4Catherine Sobredo shoot Santa Fe-4

For some reason, this photograph seems to say so much.

Catherine Sobredo shoot Santa Fe-2Catherine Sobredo shoot Santa Fe-2

Thanks, Catherine, for giving me the opportunity to photograph you, and Happy Birthday to you and all the springs stirring the air out there!

until next Monday,


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Elida Hanson-Finelli(non-registered)
Thank you my spring time Aries sister for your words of Joy and creative energy. Great portraits, very stunning and as always inspiring!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Wonderful portraits all, Daryl. And Catharine is a worth subject to be sure. She has great style and presence. To paraphrase snowboarding terms, an amplitude of attitude. Good to see a new series of portraits. You've got the touch.
I don't care if you don't have that huge lens, your photos of Catherine are dreamy and capture her spunk. You're so good. Happy birthday and blue skies all day to you and your friend.
Catherine Sobredo(non-registered)
Thank you Daryl for your kind words. I vividly remember our outing with nostalgia and fondness. I do like the images you selected. Your creativity abounds
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