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June 24, 2018  •  4 Comments

Summer arrived officially in the northern hemisphere on the 20th.  With the humidity shifting between 3 and 10%, the wind blowing at 20 miles per hour with higher gusts, and temperatures in the mid to upper 80s, it sometimes seems as if the life is being sucked out of the landscape.  Realizing that this is not the case everywhere (and many of you are in or near areas that are flooding because of so much rain), I still felt the need to include a few photographs that afford some coolness to the eyes and brain.  Short, sweet, cool. 

David Salman of High Country Gardens gave us three "Polish Spirit" clematis vines many years ago to plant at our then new house.  I had never grown one but it was a very kind gift.  He said that they were quite hardy so my goal was to not fail.  They are actually quite resilient plants.  The soil in which I planted them was decent but definitely not enriched.  But a little manure and "Yum Yum" mix each year seems to make them quite happy and in early summer, they are full of incredible blooms.  Even in windy conditions, with patience between gusts, they are quite photographable.  The flowers hang on, despite the winds. Set amidst elegant green leaves, they instill a sense of calm and coolness on summer days.  

Clematis 1Clematis 1





Enjoy some great summer photography during those early morning, late afternoon, and evening/nighttime hours.

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Wow, I am going to the nursery and buying one of those right now. Thanks for sharing the beauty.
Very enchanting flowers. They look like the Jackmanii clematis, which I've always liked. I listened to an interview, one time, of a nursery that specialized in Clematis, and learned that they can grow on other trees or bushes without harming the host plant. Unlike Wisteria, which will choke the host plant out. The last photograph reminds me of deep blue satin. So beautiful.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
The clematis is a cool little number isn't it? All of these look like they're in shade which makes them even more soothing. Even the green of the leaves is cool and refreshing and quite a tonic for these dry, dusty days. We notice that our cacti are not blooming this summer owing to the dearth of rain and exacerbated by the high winds. Here's hoping for a real monsoon season this year.

Beautiful photographs as always, Daryl.
favorite is the top shot. so abstract with seductive bold contrasts. I want it fabric with that exact color and pattern
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