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August 20, 2018  •  6 Comments

Of all the weddings I have photographed to date, a majority of them took place in August.  It is a fine month to marry, although the Southwest can offer up some interesting weather options.  Sun, rain, hail, wind.  It comes with the territory.  With that on the brain, flowers are the subject of today's blog. Peruvian lilies gifted to us, to be exact.  They are frequently used in wedding bouquets and arrangements because they are bright, colorful, are fragrance-free, and last at least a week.  And I never tire of photographing them.  Here are a few shots for your perusal.

Peruvian lily 2Peruvian lily 2

Peruvian lily 3Peruvian lily 3

The buds are as fascinating to see close-up as the flowers.

Peruvian lily 1Peruvian lily 1


And what would a blog be without a tight abstract, courtesy of the blobs and blotches (technical terms) on the flowers.

Peruvian lily 4 (dots and spots)Peruvian lily 4 (dots and spots)


Thank you, C&B for the lily gift and inspiration for creativity!

until next Monday,


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The third shot shall be called, "buds shouting obscenities at 45"
only you could could find such an unusual and evocative angle that forces us to look at these delicate lovelies in a different way. Don't you think they look to be members of an anxious or angry crowd rapt in protest? or is my brain just mired in political muck? ;0
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
Ah yes. Very nice. Great color.
Stunning! I think I'll go out and find some for me. Thanks for the great shots.
elida hanson-finelli(non-registered)
Always an inspiration how you frame and accentuate with such clarity and artistry!!
By the way, I too struggle with the equipment issues! From a previous post. Always something as the saying goes. In the end, your work is always stellar no matter which lens you select! And yes, August is a very very good wedding month!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
You keep on hitting it out of the park with your florals, Daryl. These are lovely. The shallow depth of field of the buds image is magical and the abstract is the icing on the cake. Another fine series from the mesa.
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