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September 10, 2018  •  7 Comments

Continuing last week's wedding theme, I wanted to feature photographs of others that help complete any wedding story - the supporting cast as it were. The photographic possibilities in this category are huge.  Below is a photograph of the bride, Kara, and her new mother-in-law to her left, and her mother to her right, with the Sandia Mountains as a backdrop.

mother-in-law, Kara, mothermother-in-law, Kara, mother

Here is Kara with her beautiful grandmother.

supporting cast grandmothersupporting cast grandmother

The image below is one of Steve's favorites from the wedding.  His encouragement helped the group have fun, and thus avoid a more traditional shot. 

the group muggingthe group mugging

Here is one of the bridesmaids, Haley, as statue, with Eero's father looking on in the background.

Haley statuesqueHaley statuesque

Generally after a photographer (or team, as was the case in this wedding, of Steve Immel, his wife, Peggy, and my husband, Fred) has made the formal wedding shots, a short block of time exists before the bride and groom officially enter the reception.  I call this "drifting time", and both Steve and I spent it shooting photographs of relatives and friends who attended the wedding. This particular shot was courtesy of the fact that there was a children's table set up with craft-making materials.  Naturally, more fun than making things was getting under the tables, amidst the satin skirting. Katiana was clearly in her element.

under the tableunder the table

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Dianne James(non-registered)
You capture love and happiness with a lens. I especially like the black and white, which shows off the gradations of light and shadow. Stunning work. And you have a way of getting those special serendipitous moments that will make couples smile in years to come.
elida hanson-finelli(non-registered)
Another big Wow and thumbs up of appreciation for your beautifully artistic compositions, spontaneous joy from your subjects, great backgrounds and light! Of course the inventiveness of your fun shots too, par excellence. I am impressed and inspired! !
These are all excellent candids - or at least they look spontaneous, unposed and catch the magic of the moment. It is not easy to look or capture spontaneous. Brava!!
Golly! Daryl,

These photos almost make we wish to get married again! You have a wizardly eye and skill!

Terry Thompson(non-registered)
Each posting about this wedding continues to hold our interest and anticipation for the next one. Nice work by this accomplished photography quartet. Encore!
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