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October 26, 2019  •  8 Comments

I really got an education reading about Halloween, All Hallow's Eve, and Dia de los Muertos, and who celebrates, who doesn't and why.  Much more complicated that I expected.  Photographically, today's blog is an assemblage of things many kids think of when they hear "Halloween", besides costumes and candy, of course. Creepy crawlies, spiders, webs, spells, mysticism.  I'll keep it simple and fun.

What would the day be without a skull, regardless of type.  Some creative color and contrast adjustments gives this just a touch of creep, even with the beautiful flowers.

skull and flowers-2skull and flowers-2


Spider webs have become quintessential decorating elements of the season.  Hard to beat nature in this regard.

Still life - web 1Still life - web 1

Still life - web 2Still life - web 2


The webs above have nothing to do with this amazing creature, the tarantula.  Fortunately, they move relatively slowly and I was able to slip a piece of white paper underneath it to help accentuate the color and body parts.

Still life - tarantulaStill life - tarantula

Below are two shots of a piece of wood with the bark removed, revealing some designs created by insects that might make your skin crawl.

Still life - creepy crawlies 2-2Still life - creepy crawlies 2-2

Still life - creepy crawlies 3Still life - creepy crawlies 3

And Halloween would not be complete without someone who is beguiling.  I don't think Jessica would mind me saying that this holiday is her favorite.

Jessica bewitchedJessica bewitched

Thank you, Karla, Jean and Sam, Lisa, Lucia, Catherine, Barbara, Christina, Claudia, and Steve for your comments this week, and to Jessica, and Ashley and Gene for your contributions to this blog.

until next Monday,


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Great blog with wonderfully creepy pictures to go with it. I won’t have gotten that close to any spider to slip a piece of paper until it.
Lace, webs, furry legs, rambling insect patterns... What more could I ever want from a blog?
Your camera eye never ceases to amaze me and make my week!
Richard Khanlian(non-registered)
Great collection of photos! Thanks.
Lucia P. Ortiz y Garcia(non-registered)
Crikey, Daryl!!! You hit this one out of the park! Delightfully frightful! All of your photos are keepers but these should be in a book. El Dia de Los Muertos is alive again!

Abrazos de Lucia
Dianne James(non-registered)
I love the autumn colors you used with the skull. The spider webs are awesome. Any spider web, I think, is awesome- we have to grow our food and just go pick it out of the garden or buy it from a store, and spiders capture theirs in intricate things they build in the air. Fascinating. Great work, Daryl. Stay warm and fear not. ;)
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