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Red, orange, flame, yellow, and shades within the spectrum are colors I think of as being "warm".  But I recently purchased a fuchsia-colored orchid as a birthday present for a friend that made me realize the color heat in its petals leaned a lot toward the warm.  The more I looked at and photographed this moth orchid (Phalaenopsis orchid), the more I realized it was radiating or glowing.  It is the star of today's blog.

My quest for different backdrops and light to complement the blooms continue here, with a plastered wall and natural light from the north, east, and south in the example below.

purple orchid 1purple orchid 1


I like the idea of juxtaposition of flowers with more rugged backdrops, and decided to use a cactus as the background for the two shots below.  Indirect southern light with reflected light filled the orchid.

purple orchid against cactus 1purple orchid against cactus 1

purple orchid against cactus 2purple orchid against cactus 2


The warmth of oak furniture enhanced the orchid in the shot below.

purple orchid against woodpurple orchid against wood


Letting the natural light fall on a variety of objects, including a cream-colored wall, gave a slight green hint to the flower and wall backdrop.

purple orchid 2purple orchid 2


Happy Birthday to all the Pisces and Aries out there who are witting or unwitting blog participants, including M Fred, Diane, Susie, Jan, Brenda, Andrea, Debra, Jean, Sam, Elida, Carol, Sara, John, Rowena, Steve, and Rock.


until next Monday,


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All four images are my favorite. Absolutely love the fuchsia color and the different angles the orchid is offered to us Thanks.
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
Those colors sure are saturated.
My favorite is the one with the oak background.

Lots of rain at the right time has made our area into a wild flower wonderland.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
All are gorgeous, Daryl. I particularly like the second and third images with the combination of natural light and fill. That duo gave the orchid real depth and revealed its contours. To my surprise the "rugged" backdrops enhance the photographs. The shallow depth of field works to great advantage.
Terry Thompson(non-registered)
That color is one of my very favorites. And yes I am a Pisces and celebrating another annual event. I love what the reflected light does in shots 2 and 3. Nothing like a bit of soft natural fill light. I share your interest and joy in photographing flowers. You do it so well...
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