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June 03, 2019  •  3 Comments

Spring is stubbornly giving way to summer in northern New Mexico, and every day, the landscapes shares it surprises.  Despite the cooler temperatures, wind, rain, and hail, the sun shines through enough to catch a photographer's eye. During the past week, when the sun made its presence known in the morning, and if the wind was not howling in the afternoon hours, I took the opportunity to shoot some of the wildflowers in bloom.  The foothills paintbrush - Castilleja integra - is having a banner year.  My photographic lesson is to get on the ground on my rear, back, or belly, basically in every position, and not get poked by assorted grasses or cacti, to catch as many of the elements of the flowers as possible.


paintbrush 3-2paintbrush 3-2

paintbrush 2paintbrush 2


In addition to the paintbrush and the Santa Fe phlox that are everywhere right now, a penstemon with rather small blooms, will soon cover the land.  It does seem as if every seed that fell to the ground has sprouted in a year of more than normal moisture.  This little bouquet caught me eye.  I apologize for not being able to provide the botanical name.  There are a lot of penstemons and my research has yet to find a name.  It is a beard tongue of some sort.

penstemon bouquetpenstemon bouquet


Finally, the wild blue flax - Linum lewisii - are really starting to bloom.  You can catch them in the morning hours on the sides of the highways.  Morning is also the best time since even the slightest breeze moves the delicate stems and blossoms.

blue flax 2019blue flax 2019  


I hope this first week in June brings lots of photographic opportunities

your way.

until next Monday,


a passion for the [email protected]


Steve Immel(non-registered)
Nice to see your continuing study of high desert blooms, Daryl. Sorry I'm so tardy in commenting. I was at a 70th birthday splash in Austin and didn't return till late last night. Somehow I haven't mastered communications from the departure lounge.

The foothills paintbrush is a beautiful specimen. Image number one looks like a wildly gesticulating creature and penstemon bouquet is a septet of perfect purple flowers.

You could easily do a book couldn't you?
Debra Harbaugh(non-registered)
I just got back from France, Normandy Beach (75th anniversary) and other places in Normandy along with a fabulous museum in Luxinberg. I also went to see Vincent and other artists that painted lilies and Lilly pads ... Vincent!
I also get down in many positions to get a good shot a flowers (without getting stuck by the plant.). These are great shots!
Never looked that close at flax. Complicated little devils.
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