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November 02, 2020  •  6 Comments

In the low afternoon light with watercolor clouds styling the sky, I was privileged to do a wedding engagement shoot along the Santa Fe River yesterday.  As is the case every single time I remove my cameras from their cases and start shooting, I learned a number of things.  Mask, long lens, and both the Nikon D800 and D5200 in hand, I anticipated a few challenges in shooting socially distanced.  However, the one thing that should have been anticipated but wasn't, was the fact that my glasses would fog up during the process. Occasionally, I would need to lower my mask so I could see, but all in all, this was like a standard shoot.  The weather couldn't have been better and the sky a pure joy.  Since the couple has yet to see the photographs, I am keeping the shots here relatively unidentifiable.  Tango, yes, but faces will come later.

Bicycle trails and open space development along the river, which had water in it yesterday because of the recent snow (it frequently lacks water except for an occasional puddle) has been an astonishing accomplishment for a city the size of Santa Fe.  Given the fact that the city was basically built along old wagon trails, projects like these can be fraught with challenges.  I was impressed.  The work of many provided some great places for recreation and an engagement shoot.  The cottonwoods and other native trees were, thankfully, left in place, providing unique riparian areas.

The many wooden bridges offer walkers and bicyclists (and occasional tango dancers) a way to cross the river.

And if it is tango, there must be a black and white shot.

 Thanks for J, J, & E for being adventurous and delightful during the shoot, and to Debra, Jean and Same, Terry T., Connie, Victoria, Barbara, Char, Kay, Steve, Dianne, and Ingrid for commenting on last week's blog!

until next Monday,


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With legs like that who needs faces. Gorgeous photos on one of my favorite city bike trails.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
This is a most handsome set, Daryl. I agree with Dianne that the black and white lends a special elegance. But the glitter of the dress and the ankle bracelet are better served by color. I see you're perfecting your turns of phrase as was started last week. "...watercolor clouds styling the sky." Luscious. It motivates me to up my game.
annie(non-registered) studying those feet!!
Carolyn Spolidoro(non-registered)
I think I recognize them!
Just beautiful, Daryl, as are all of your work! I look forward to your blog every week, even if I don't respond every week. ;-)
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