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February 15, 2020  •  10 Comments

I would call this time of year "late winter".  There is more daylight each day in the northern hemisphere, and although there can and probably will be stormy weather, including snow, into May, it is gradually warming here on the mesa. Given that, I decided it might be a good idea to catch some of the intricate and varied reflections and refractions in the big icicles hanging on the trees before they melted.  The reflective power of ice cannot be overstated.  It makes some of the best and bizarre abstracts in nature that a photographer can capture.

In this series, reflections of terra cotta colored sandstone, the sky (ranging in shades and darkness of blue), shadows of black, and the brownish yellow of aspen bark scraped by elk antlers are in the mix.  And ice itself reflecting the snow renders a clean, and in some cases an almost transparent white.  If I were an abstract painter, I would be hard pressed to come up with what nature has done.

ice abstract 2020 - 3ice abstract 2020 - 3  

ice abstract 2020 - 2ice abstract 2020 - 2

ice abstract 2020 - 1ice abstract 2020 - 1


In the shot below, you can see the outline of the tree bark, accented by the sky.

ice abstract 2020 - 4ice abstract 2020 - 4


I cannot say for certain where this shade of midnight blue came from, but it was probably the deepness of the shadows.

ice abstract 2020 - 5ice abstract 2020 - 5


Thanks to Conchita, Jean and Sam, TTT, Dianne, Catherine, Pauli, Char, Claudia, Larry and Carol, Bill and Sue, Jim and Louise, Ingrid, Wayne, Steve, Geula, Barbara, and Victoria for all the Valentine love you sent this week.

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Catherine Sobredo(non-registered)
These are incredible, Daryl! You need to exhibit them! I love them all!
Dianne James(non-registered)
Daryl, those are definitely show quality, and absolutely magnificent 'abstracts' that I could see worthy of hanging in any quality gallery. So beautiful. The backgrounds do add to the drama and complexity of ice in these photos. Astounding work. Love all of them.
Susie Sonflieth(non-registered)
These images are just amazing...out of this world!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Incredible! These very abstract images are among your best. I'm absolutely blown away. Not only does the ice pick up the rich blues and browns but it looks like you've done line drawings over the photographs, like pen and ink. They're really quite special. Submit them to the Harwood open call for sure.
Love these!!!
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