phollowing the phlox

April 26, 2020  •  7 Comments

One of the joys of spring is looking for and finding plants in bloom on the mesa.  The 7,700+ foot altitude and limited moisture result in many early spring flowers that are diminutive ground huggers.  Santa Fe phlox (Phlox nana) is one of those little jewels.  This week, I followed the phlox that seem to have gotten just enough moisture at the right time to have a banner year.  I have had several people burst into laughter in years past, when I showed them our phlox, because it is a much smaller edition than what people normally think of as phlox.  Nonetheless, the flowers - in colors ranging from fuchsia to white - still grab your attention in the sea of sagebrush and grass.


In areas where rain and snow may have collected,  for instance, between rocks, the Santa Fe phlox present themselves in bouquets like the one here.


The stems with blooms extend themselves out from the base of the plant and across the ground or sandstone.

Occasionally, some almost look tropical flowers when the stems are fully upright.


The color of this flower is stunning.

Santa Fe phlox_Santa Fe phlox_


Another thing that photographing on the ground reveals are things like buds, seen on either side of this whitish/purple phlox.  They are tightly wound in a spiral that eventually reveals the flower.


Many thanks to Barbara, Chuck, TTT, Wayne, Dianne, Jean and Sam, Steve, Lisa, and Debra H. for your words this week.  I hope this continues to find you safe and well and finding pleasures at home.

until next Monday,


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Dianne James(non-registered)
I just love it when you wander around with your camera! Oh, the treasures you find. Thank you for sharing the beauty.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Clever girl. Phollowing the phlox, indeed. The tiny Santa Fe phlox are jewels whether solo, in trios, quartets or choruses. I like image number two that shows the shadows on the sandstone and the fourth where you've blurred the background. Nice set, Daryl.
They are so beautiful. I have not seen any yet, but the cacti on the hill are blooming; check it out!
Sara Woodburn(non-registered)
I am also in my garden with an eye on finding the little gems to render in pencil on paper. Happy Monday!
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
Such cute little Phlox.

Nice close up lens shots.

To all readers of the blog, best stay at home song is Flowers On The Wall by the Statler Brothers.
Check it out on YouTube.
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