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As part of nature, human beings frequently have their own ways of being heard.  We all saw peaceful protests with incredible moments and acts of kindness by civilians and law enforcement around the world this week.  We also saw far too much violence by protestors and law enforcement.  As in nature, when a volcano erupts, the earth is reforming itself.  Perhaps human kind is going through a reform of its own.  

It makes me think about how annoying it must be for elk and deer to shed their antlers every spring.  Imagine having a large and heavy hat on your head, twice the size and height of your head, and carrying it around for months.  It is off-balancing, disorienting, and probably uncomfortable.  So the best thing is to get rid of it, shaking and violently trying to rid yourself of the problem.   And elk and deer rub anything that is hard and stable enough to knock off that hat.   Many people hunt for "sheds", the antlers that these animals carry with them. Occasionally, we find one here on the mesa.  They are counterpoints to their surroundings, including the paintbrush here.  The bleached antler amplifies the orange-red of the flowers.



A human-made white in lattice work makes the honeysuckle colors pop the same way antlers do.


Thanks, Kay, Jean and Sam, LIsa, Marilyn, Steve, Ingrid, Christina, TTT, Wayne, and Debra for your words and keeping me on the straight and narrow!

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Steve Immel(non-registered)
All three are beautifully composed and the shed and the lattice work are ideal foils for the paintbrush and the honeysuckle. The lattice work frames the honeysuckle perfectly. I like the shallow depth of field in that image. It keeps my eye on the flower and the leaves where it belongs. The diagonal lines are effective and give the photograph energy. The last one works as a still life and would be fun to see in black and white.
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
So nice. Hard to beat the color and texture of Indian Paintbrush.
One of my favorites.
The antlers add a good hard counterpoint for sure.
That second shot, with the antlers practically crawling across the ground to grab me, was disarming! Who knew the power of changing angles... important to study all the angles to get the complete picture (in life too, eh?)
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