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August 24, 2020  •  8 Comments

A virtual Democratic National Convention, virtual meetings, virtual classes. They have all become part of life during the pandemic.  With near-drought conditions in many parts of the western United States, and smoky skies having replaced the cloudless blue skies and thunderstorms, I find myself thinking about rain. A lot.  Our "monsoon" season has yet to develop. Although the Gulf Coast is going to receive much more rain than is needed, and Australia had snow this week, the firefighters and the land could certainly use some.  If one can listen to the soothing sounds of light rain on a device, why not virtual rain on the screen of your choice?  I have selected some images that remind me of rain, the first of which is a water droplet under an aspen branch.



A very wet hummingbird resting and getting warm



Hollyhock flower after a shower


The sky filled with the promise of rain


After the rain, a double rainbow


Thanks to all of you who persevered so well, and continue to keep in touch virtually, including Orlando, Carolyn S., Lisa, Ingrid, Wayne, TTT, Christina, Debra, Steve, Jean and Sam, and Donna C.  I hope you are all able to record life as you know it with your cameras and other devices.  This is an extraordinary time.

until next Monday,


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What lovely pictures - can almost smell the fresh scent of rain. I'll imagine it washing the ash off my California garden, clearing the smoke from the skies, and tamping the fires down. Thanks for your cool wet visions.
Awesome! Our monsoon season was way too short, but I would gladly give up a few rainstorms if the rain was redirected to California or other western states suffering fire. Blessings to you and Fred, and thank you for the joy your weekly blog brings. So refreshing.
Great pictures, as always! Would Love to have some rain these days. Take care!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
It's good to see the rain, virtual, past tense or any way we can see it. The sky is a bit threatening as I write this comment. Fingers crossed. The droplet under the aspen branch is wonderful as is the drenched hummingbird. The raindrops on the hollyhock are delicate and lovely. The promise of rain and double rainbow complete the story. You've given us worthy homage to the blessing of rainfall.
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
Yes, wonderful pictures.

We sure miss the monsoon season here in Arizona.
Hope we get some rain soon.

And yes, we are getting both California fire smoke and our own Arizona fire smoke.
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