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March 21, 2021  •  11 Comments

Whether it is a job from the greater retail world or an in-house shoot, product photography offers a myriad of possibilities for creativity and presentation.  My husband, Fred, has been pondering the creation of a woven wool panel for denim jackets and vests for some time.  He completed his first one this week, using an extraordinary natural dark grey Navajo-Churro wool, along with black, Tierra Amarilla, and Ganado churro wool dyed by Connie Taylor, to weave the stunning pattern.  He is the model.


The first image was achieved using natural light as well as a small amount of fill light to lessen the shadows.


The next two images utilized what I would call isolated or surrounding light from all sides, technically providing fill for the subject.



This photograph was made utilizing in-camera flash for the vest itself and south and west natural light.  


The bright, mid-morning light made the vest pop against the wooden gate and stuccoed walls.



Fred was not shivering during these shoots over two days because the 20th was the vernal equinox.  It is official, spring is here in the northern hemisphere.  For us in the southern Rocky Mountains, the word spring is merely a descriptor, as we know there will be more frosts and snow, probably through the end of April.  But it is also nice to know that the snow that falls at this time of year will melt quickly, enriching the soil in the process, and leaving behind the perfect place for growth.

Thanks to Char, Christina, Jean and Sam, Lisa, Donna C., Wayne, Dianne, and Steve for bringing your words to the blog party this week!

until next Monday,


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setss doe nyc(non-registered)
This denim with woven looking trendy and cool for a young boy.
First Day of Spring, and First Day of showing us your concept of combining art, function, and attire. Love it. Taking the wearable rug out for a walk in the sunshine, and taking wonderful photos to commemorate the moment.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Congratulations to Fred on rug #348 and the handsome wool panel. It's mighty convenient to have an in-house stylist and photographer. The second of the surrounding light shots seems to capture the vibrancy of the colors best and in that one you softened the stucco background so all the attention is on the vest. I like the way you gave context to the vest with the loom in the background. The mid-morning light vies with the surrounding light for color saturation.

Beautiful weavings and photographs which do them justice.
Wayne Gesterfield(non-registered)
Very interesting, colorful, and creative Fred.
And it can't hurt to have such a great product photographer on hand.
thanks for giving background on the lighting. Always appreciated that! Stunning vest!
so, how did you sew the weaving onto the vest so it incorporates so well?
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