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October 02, 2022  •  4 Comments

Fiber of many types and stripes was in abundance this week, as the Mountain and Valley Wool Association presented its first Wool Festival in Santa Fe this weekend.  The MVWA board made the difficult decision to move the festival from its previous location in Taos after 38 years to the Santa Fe County Rodeo Grounds.  Having participated in the festival for 13 years, Fred decided he needed to scope out the new digs.  

The rodeo grounds have a number of buildings in addition to ample booth space, both indoors and outside, and barns for sheep, llamas, alpacas, rabbits, and other livestock.  Word has it that the grounds were packed on Saturday, and more people were arriving as we finished our reconnoiter on Sunday morning.    

The skies were leaden with the promise of rain, and the wind was picking up as we strolled the grounds.  Having experienced weather of every sort when the festival was held in Taos, our hearts went out to the vendors trying to keep their tents and products from flying away.  Case in point, the scarves and other apparel by Carol Garnand, shown below.

From indigo dyed fabric using ice to elements of nature including leaves and flowers, Garnand's pieces showed both interesting design and color combinations.

If you don't include the logo for the Mountain and Valley Wool Association itself, the Phoenix Fiber Mill wins the prize in my book for best logo.  

Not to mention the myriad socks available from the mill, some of which are shown below.

Just in time for Day of the Dead or Die del Muerto celebrations are these wool skulls created by Ellen and Eric Sibelius of Ellen's Wooly Wonders.  

Here is a combination of wooly wonders of the ocean variety.

Since fiber abounds every day in our home, here is a detail from Fred's latest rug, 376, featuring natural grey, Tierra Amarilla, Sangre de Cristo, yellow heather (the green color), dyed black, and Mora Mills blue and purple. 

I hope your first week in October brings abundant opportunities for interesting and challenging photography.

until next Monday,


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Steve Immel(non-registered)
Thanks for the tour of the New Wool Festival. I miss its intimate setting in Kit Carson Park in Taos. I don't think we missed a year from 2003 onward. Hopefully, the weavers and vendors benefitted from a bigger town and venue. The character and history of New Mexico shines through in the wool and weaving and, as always Fred's effort stand out. I really like the colorful design detail of Fred's rug 376. It could almost be a signature.

Those leaden skies hover over Taos and have all day. The moody grays will cloak the mountains till Thursday. Fall it seems is here.
Thrilled to read an artist’s review and see some of the fun products from the Wool Festival. Wish i’d gone. thanks for including Emeritus’s work in this week’s blog. Such inspirational work makes our hearts sing!
did yall decide if you will participate in this wool festival next year? looks like it was a nice event. Fwed keeps outdoing himself with his work!
Veronica Lasky(non-registered)
This looked like a really fun day. And thanks again for sharing with us, even though we don't always say it. Please post some pics of the finished #376; it looks like it will be gorgeous
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