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September 25, 2022  •  2 Comments

If you are currently in the Santa Fe area, an exhibit at the FOMA Gallery should be on your list of photography exhibits to see.  Photographer and activist  J. E. Newman and wildlife activist and artist Victoria Seale collaborated on a project that explores coexistence, comfort zones, and beauty, and resulted in the exhibit that hangs through the end of the month.  As the title indicates, it does involve snakes.  Not live ones in the gallery but in the photographs with Victoria.  The first two photographs are similar to ones hanging at the gallery.  


Below are a few images I took of Victoria inside the gallery, featuring more of the project results.  She was certainly better with those snakes than I would have been!



FOMA Gallery is located at 333 Montezuma Unit B in the Guadalupe Center, on the corner of Guadalupe and Montezuma.  For more information, contact the gallery at 505-660-0121.

Thanks to Victoria and Joe for allowing me to use photographs and to Victoria for allowing me to photograph her in the gallery.  And thanks to Steve, Marilyn, Catherine, Claudia, Lisa, TTT, and Ingrid for commenting on last week's blog.


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Snake Woman photographs are inspired by her travels to remote corners of the world where she has lived with tribal peoples who practice ancient healing arts. She has also worked extensively with snake people who have been trained in Western medicine to treat illness with herbal remedies, acupuncture and massage therapy. Snake woman photographs are an expression of her belief that the body is one part of us all - not something we should fear or hide away from but something that can be healed if we only allow ourselves to be touched by it
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Those first two are especially strong. I'm taken by the perspective and the way the clouds frame Ms. Newman in image two. I also like seeing Victoria pose with her self-portraits. The series makes me want to know what's the impetus behind both women's activism. I can see the theme of coexistence throughout the series. I understand the coexistence part but comfort with the reptiles escapes me.

Nicely shot. Daryl. Was the spur of the moment or planned?
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