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January 09, 2023  •  6 Comments

One doesn't need to look far in our offices to see fiber - whether it is a random piece that has floated onto the floor, joining other pieces of wool fuzz in a corner - or a full-blown rug.  One of the nice things about doing art as your passion and business is that it is not dictated by holidays. Fred and I both work at what we do every day.  The rhythm of the loom is not far away, with the beater bar (shown on the left-hand side of the image below) being moved forward and back to pack the wool tightly into the design.   The sound of the shuttle going through the warp and zing of it being thrown makes a music all its own.   

Rug 379 detail 3Rug 379 detail 3

The rhythm section is the warp - the strands of which can be seen here.  It provides the structural baseline of the weft or design. 

Rug 379 detail 1Rug 379 detail 1


Rug 379 is a variation on the theme of a Spider Woman Cross.  In many cultures it represents the gift that Spider Woman gave to humans, teaching them to spin thread and weave.

Rug 379Rug 379  


Rug 380 has four movements separated by the same complex design including what are sometimes called hourglasses or Chinle stars - artistic elements used in weaving world-wide.  The melody is in the eyes of the beholder or the ears of the listener.  

Rug 380Rug 380

Rug 380 detail 4Rug 380 detail 4

Rug 380 detail 1Rug 380 detail 1

Shooting the rugs and their details, provided some excellent exercises in the past month, learning about and using both the 30 mm macro and 16-80 XF zoom lenses on the Fujifilm X-T5 mirrorless camera.

Thanks to Barbara F. R., Ann M., Mary Pat, Veronica L., Connie, Steve, Catherine, Kay, Lisa, TTT, Andrea, Ann A., Dianne J., Maryanne, and Robert for your comments and inspiration this week.

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Love those strong colors and patterns, so well captured by the new lense.
Rugs and photos are stunning. I dont know how Fwed keeps it straight in his brain. we need an MRI.
xoxooxox Victoria
Steve Immel(non-registered)
This post is artfully written and photographed, Daryl. It's one of your best and that's saying a lot. I was transported to Fred's studio by the "wool fuzz" and the "shuttle going through the warp and the zing of it being thrown," That's magical stuff from which could come a longer story. And "The rhythm is the warp." is the poetry of sound that I can almost hear.

Every photograph is perfection. You used creative angles and selective focus to great effect. The image below "The rhythm of the warp" is a design marvel. There's so much going on, yet every element is essential.
Happy New Year from soggy California! Your office produce some truly stupendous and inspiring work!
Connie Taylor(non-registered)
And the little balls of weft, the “ballerinas” dance to the music..
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