The New Year

December 31, 2023  •  3 Comments

The New York Times online had a wonderful feature yesterday titled "Your Best Advice for 2023".  Many of us make lists - both mental and written - of things we are going to do in the new year.  Statistics may prove that some of those goals fall by the wayside as early as February, while quite a few people are serious about trying to achieve specific things and reach those goals throughout the year.  What better way for artists of different media to start a year than to start new work, bring work to completion, and pushing it out the door.  In that regard, I am doing shameless self-promotion here of the three books on which I have been working in 2023.  I used Blurb Books, and am very pleased with the quality of the paper and printing, and speed with which they were printed.  It took some work to take the photographs, do research, and format each page of the book, and then set up the structure through which people can purchase them.  Because short printing runs (1-9 copies) are pricey, rather than a huge publisher printing thousands of copies, I hope you are not too shocked by the prices.  All are softcover.  


The first is a 10 x 8 book titled Geological Portraits:  photographic memories of some extraordinary places.

photo books 1photo books 1    

photo books 2photo books 2



The second and third are Complex and Sublime:  flowers through the lens.   I printed two different sizes - one 7 x 7 and the other in Blurb's new "mini-book" version which is 5 x 5.  That required some adjustment of photo placement on the 7 x 7 edition, but it was all part of the learning experience.  Again, both are soft cover, and the mini has a matte-finished cover.  It is a perfect little jewel to keep on a desk, side or coffee table for a spurt of color and refreshment.

photo books 3photo books 3

photo books 4photo books 4

photo books 5photo books 5



Finally, here is a photograph of the trio.

photo books 6photo books 6

You can check out the first several pages of the book by clicking on the link below and/or purchase them if you are so inclined.


Member Profile: Daryl Black | Blurb


Thanks for Orlando, TTT, Marilyn R., Christina, Barbara, Steve, Jean & Sam, Lawrence, Ingrid, Catherine, Rebecca, Claudia, Minna, Robert, and Marilyn G. for rounding out 2023 with your comments.  I hope that 2024 is year that becomes a bit more peaceful and one wherein kindness is in greater supply.  May all of you find your creative juices bubbling over like a well-filled glass of champagne! 

until next Monday,


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The books are absolutely, unequivocally stunning. I held them in my hot little hands and can highly recommend the purchase.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Big congratulations on the completion of three books in 2023. That's a major accomplishment. I am deeply respectful of your efforts. Each book is splendid. And I look forward to holding them in my hot little hands. Your choices of backgrounds for the books were stellar. What I'm guessing is one of Fred's rugs is perfect for Geological Portraits. Did you notice the similarity of the tone and texture of the weaving to the escarpment in the second image from that book? And to the surprise of absolutely nobody I love the black and white floral in Complex and Sublime.

The layouts are excellent, both contemporary and timeless.
Minna White(non-registered)
I love the interplay of light and shadow on the geological portraits
multiple applause
thanks for sharing the photos
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