the stone of March

March 26, 2023  •  3 Comments

Oddly enough, this week's blog began with one of the base leaves of a head of green cabbage, and how it seemed a perfect cup in which to photograph the birthstone of March - aquamarine.  A bit like an oyster and its pearl.  On the wall calendar I look at everyday while working at the computer, is a rather large number of people who were born in or who married in March, starting with Susie S. and proceeding to Steve and Peggy, Debbie and Rock, Jan T., Brenda M., Terry T., Andrea S., Deb H. Jean G., Sam G., Sam W., Sara M. W., and ending with Carol R.  So one thing lead to another and ultimately camera setups celebrating the March birthstone.

As you can tell from my regular use of the cabbage in numerous images, I find them weirdly photogenic.  Lots of nice, soft curves and variations in shades of color seem to make a single leaf a perfect backdrop.  Even as I placed and photographed the necklace, I could hear the question of a friend "What are you smoking up there?"  Nothing but imagination gone wild.

Still life - aquamraine & cabbage 2Still life - aquamraine & cabbage 2

By working with my macro lens, the cabbage background is a little more mysterious and the stone and necklace more pronounced.   Still life - aquamarine & cabbage leaf 1Still life - aquamarine & cabbage leaf 1

Shooting it from a slightly lower angle, the stone and chain are almost like an oyster and pearl

Still life - aquamarine & cabbage leaf 3Still life - aquamarine & cabbage leaf 3

Speaking of shells, I used a large clam shell for the presentation below.

Still life - aquamarine & clam shell 1Still life - aquamarine & clam shell 1

Far from being an expert on sea shells and marine life, I needed to do a bit of searching for this shell, a small conch.

Still life - aquamarine & conch shell 1Still life - aquamarine & conch shell 1


Using another angle of the conch and aquamarine, the natural light filtered through storm clouds accentuated the blue hue of the stone.

Still life - aquamarine & conch shell 2Still life - aquamarine & conch shell 2

Happy Birthdays and Anniversaries to everyone whose names are on calendar, and to those I may have missed.  I hope you have had grand celebrations and that the last week of March does indeed go out like a lamb.

until next Monday,


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Steve Immel(non-registered)
A lovely set, Daryl. The lowly cabbage is, indeed. a fine backdrop for the aquamarine necklace. The soft curves of the leaf contrast beautifully with the cut stone and chain. And the clam and conch shells are ideal props, as the skin tones of the shells show the necklace on a natural field and the stone really pops.
Jeepers what a great group of images. The contrast between the organic cabbage background and the sharply cut aquamarine is dynamite. And Daryl, should we be adding your name to the list of March birthdays?
Veronica Lasky(non-registered)
Daryl, I loved the study. Conchs and cabbage - who knew they could do so much to improve something that was already a gem ?
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