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June 11, 2023  •  5 Comments

At the risk of becoming known exclusively as a flower/plant/garden photographer, which is not the case, I, nonetheless, venture again this week into the world of flowers.  Some extraordinary poppies in a neighbor's yard captured my attention.  Fully three to four feet tall in all their glory, they were hard to resist.  The saturated salmon color of the poppy below - Papaver orientalis - reflects the Latin meaning of the genus name "pop up".  But you can also see why it is one of the favorite flowers made with crepe paper.

Poppies - salmon 1 2023Poppies - salmon 1 2023  

Poppies - salmon 2 2023Poppies - salmon 2 2023

The white of the poppy below does not diminish its beauty in any way, with the large blotches of inky color at the base.  An orchestra of nature is playing furiously in the middle of the flower. 

Poppies - white 2 2023Poppies - white 2 2023

a black and white photograph showing more of the inner workings

Poppies - white 1 2023Poppies - white 1 2023


I had never seen this color of poppy before.  Depending on the light, the color ranged from mauve to plum to purple.  Each is stunning.  

Poppies - purple 3 2023Poppies - purple 3 2023

Poppies - purple 6 2023Poppies - purple 6 2023

Poppies - purple 4 2023Poppies - purple 4 2023

Thanks to Victoria, Lisa S., Barbara F. R., M. Fred, Kay, Christina W., Ann A., Steve, Marilyn G., and Catherine for commenting this week!  I hope you find some excellent subjects to photograph during the coming week.

until next Monday,


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I love poppies and your pics are gorgeous. Still prefer the bold, red ones!
Please keep on capturing flowers in photos; these are truly amazing!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
You have a broad skillset for sure, but at the same time you've earned a reputation for your masterful renditions of flowers. The poppies in this post are among your best. As you point out their petals do look like crepe paper. I'm taken by the wine colors that range from rose petals to cabernet centers. I'd never noticed that before. Though I lean toward black and white in photography these poppies favor color. The white one shows the intricacy and purple hues and spots of green especially well.

I particularly like the last image that shows the prickly leaves and stem.

Sorry I'm late. I got back from Lake Mead late night and found myself in Adobe hell till noon.
CRAZY WILD texture!
Connie Taylor(non-registered)
A gorgeous red Poppy image hangs on my wall…a Daryl Black capture. It is such a tribute to flora, red, Flanders Field and beauty.
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