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July 24, 2023  •  3 Comments

Nature is part of us and we are part of nature.  Sometimes we notice it more than others, especially when nature reflects the changing climate, as has been the case for the past couple of weeks, or the truth be known, decades.  It was just much more profound this July than during years past. Searing heat around the planet, drenching rains resulting in deadly flooding, wildfires that sent holiday makers on the Isle of Rhodes literally packing.  Hardly anyone was spared the impact of and power of nature, whether it was from a major catastrophic event or things that, in the scheme of things,  were relatively minor.  Ants, eau de skunk, or bears and deer joining neighbors for dining.  The Power of Nature surrounds us, so why not take joy and find things that make us smile?  

As someone who appreciates gardens as a source of that good energy when things are busy enough to keep me out of the mountains or desserts, I turn my camera on them.  My continuing missions this week included selecting photographs for a couple of different collections I am honing for books, and rug photography for Fred's portfolio.  But at this time of year when some flowers are starting to wane, the knockout garden standby is a plant that always pleases from the moment its first leaf pokes through the soil until the frost take holds. That is the hosta.  Because many of the varieties have ample leaves that are variegated, beautifully shaped and delineated, the leaves rather than the subdued flowers are the stars. Although the flowers are nice surprises when they do appear.  The leaves create an automatic backdrop for the light purple flowers. 

Hosta 2023 1Hosta 2023 1

Hosta 2023 4Hosta 2023 4

Hosta 2023 2Hosta 2023 2

Hosta 2023 5Hosta 2023 5

Showing off the leaves are hostas' speciality.

Hosta 2023 6Hosta 2023 6

Hosta 2023 7Hosta 2023 7

I almost missed these flowers, sheltering under a neighboring leaf.

Hosta 2023 8Hosta 2023 8


It was intensely gratifying to hear from so many of you last week in regard to the agave bloom stalk life cycle.  It is still in bloom, with just about all of the bloom pods fully opened.  Some of you mentioned that you had seen blooms this year, including in Arizona, Oregon, and California.  So thank you, Christina, Victoria, TTT, Sandra B., Barbara F. R., Ross, Claudia, Charlie, Ann A., Susie, Terry T., Debbie, Marilyn G., Robert, Steve, Ingrid, Catherine, and Bob S. for your input and comments!  May your week be filled with nature's delights!

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Steve Immel(non-registered)
Your thoughtful words were flowing today, Daryl. It's a delight when that happens. Sometimes finding the words is a struggle. The comely hosta stood you in good stead. While it may be true that the leaves prevail against the subtle hosta, to me the subdued bloom more than holds its own. The variegated leaves lend themselves to tight shots as in images five and six, but I really like the top two photographs which feature the flower, subtle or not.

Thanks for the lovely set and caring text.
Ann Alexander(non-registered)
Daryl--You write so beautifully! And thank you for opening my eyes to the hosta.
Desserts and Hostas: Don’t you just love the way those words deconstruct in your mouth?
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