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July 03, 2023  •  6 Comments

There are many eminently photographable things that are more or less static - mountains, meadows, trees, buildings, sculpture - and others that are not.  I would call those "time sensitive".  In other words, as a photographer, one needs to make the photograph relatively quickly or the subject changes.  Time sensitive things include plants with showy blooms.  Some have a long bloom cycle with changes within that cycle, while others seem to happen suddenly and disappear just as quickly.  I have spent the last three weeks making over 300 images of peonies - both in a garden setting and against backdrops - trying to capture the beauty with efficiency and daily attention to their changing nature.  

I also devoted time in the past month curating images for Shadow and Light Magazine's Color It Red special issue competition.  Below are a few of the images I included.

"Seating for One"



"Shade Sails"

Vivac Winery Shoot 2022 for blog 5Vivac Winery Shoot 2022 for blog 5


"weaving detail"

Rug 349 detail.jpgRug 349 detail.jpg



Flowers - amaryllis 29 2022.jpgFlowers - amaryllis 29 2022.jpg



Flowers - bromeliad 1 2023Flowers - bromeliad 1 2023


"Carol's peony"

Peonies - Carol's 2023 3Peonies - Carol's 2023 3


And I wish I had made the competition deadline with this beauty, but perhaps next year.  

"Peony on black 1"

Peony on black 2023 1Peony on black 2023 1

I hope all of you in the United States have a safe and beautiful Independence Day holiday.  

Thanks to Barbara F. R., Jean & Sam, Paule M., Victoria, Marilyn G., Catherine, Lisa S., Marilyn R., Steve, Ingrid and Dianne J. for your kind and most welcome comments on last week's blog.  My gratitude also goes to Cristina and Carol for providing the blooming inspiration!

until next Monday,


a passion for the image©



What a diverse collection - all striking. I like the "Seating for One" best.
I like these, but especially the first one "Seating for One".
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Great minds, indeed. Good luck to us both. This is a strong set, Daryl. I particularly like the very abstract red cushion as seen through the seat back and peony on black. It’s so rich and lustrous. I also favor the red in the bromeliad which has an O’Keefe air to it. The red stem in the peony on black is subtle but a real difference maker. I love that image. It has such volume.
Terry Thompson(non-registered)
Some great choices for the RED competition. Seating for one is especially cool! Good luck.
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