Indian Market

August 20, 2023  •  3 Comments

One of the largest yearly art events in Santa Fe, and probably New Mexico, is the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts (SWAIA) Indian Market.  It was held this weekend on the Plaza and surrounding streets.  This year's market was the 101st, and it was the first we had attended in five years.  It was a joy to spend time at the market.  In addition to seeing some incredible art, the people watching was unsurpassed.

Some 51 years ago, we first encountered the Indian Market on a rainy August afternoon in Santa Fe.  We had just been married and were taking everything in, not really knowing what it was.  It has grown and expanded remarkably since then, with the 2023 market featuring more than 900 American Indian artists.  Our visit this year was primarily to enable Fred to meet one of the weavers in the Rainbow Fiber Coop, along with seeing the work of others featured on Instagram.  From my 31 July blog, you might remember the beautiful Navajo-Churro wool that Fred purchased in lustrous indigo and cochineal. Here is Zefren-M, the weaver (and jeweler) who dyed the wool, styling in his reversible pancho.  

Zefren-M 1 Indian Market 2023Zefren-M 1 Indian Market 2023    

Zefren-M 2 Indian Market 2023Zefren-M 2 Indian Market 2023

Zefren-M 3 Indian Market 2023Zefren-M 3 Indian Market 2023

Fred finally was able to start Rug 393 last week, using Efren's indigo and cochineal-dyed wool, along with Rainbow Fiber Coop dark grey.

Rug 393 detail 1Rug 393 detail 1

Rug 393 detail 2Rug 393 detail 2  

And Indian Market would not be complete with a surprise or two, one of which came in the form of a swallowtail butterfly in a puddle of water on Palace Avenue.

Swallowtail on Palace AvenueSwallowtail on Palace Avenue

Thanks to Tim A., Char, Barbara F. R., Claudia, Jean & Sam, Steve, and Catherine for your comments this week. 

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Steve Immel(non-registered)
Sorry for the delay. Blog issues as discussed. These are warm, engaging environmental portraits of Zefren-M. What a delightful and willing subject he is. Love that poncho! Efren's wools are unusually vibrant and are beautifully photographed. Those reds really pop against the Rainbow Coop dark gray.

Thanks for the magnificent butterfly surprise. And special congratulations for your 51 years. That's very special.
Lawrence Jones(non-registered)
Lovely weaving examples and nice to see you "catch" the pretty butterfly at just the right moment.
beautiful weaving! we didnt make it to Indian Market so thanks for the taste! gorgeous butterfly!
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