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August 06, 2023  •  3 Comments

As the summer heat continues here and in many places around the globe, and beads of sweat roll down my brow, I still find myself grateful for living at 7,000 feet elevation in the Southwest, where a breeze or a pool of shade can provide almost immediate cooling.  Opening windows in the early morning hours allows cooler air to fill the house before the heat of the day sets in.  It provides periods of time for writing, developing and curating photographs, working on several online books I am putting together, and jelling other ideas that pop randomly and whirl around in my brain.  Plus spending what seemed far too much time researching different businesses for self-publishing books took up part of the week.  But it is always an adventure, and an occasional surprise to see where things lead.  Searching through photographs for another project I am doing involving black and white images, I came across this photograph of a hummingbird I rendered in 2018.  Bizarre but fascinating.

hummingbird abstract 2018hummingbird abstract 2018   

These red columbines that were growing along a waterfall on the Aspen Vista Trail near the Santa Fe Ski Basin are remarkably similar to the Aquilegia "Little lanterns" columbines I planted in our yard.  They are, no doubt, related.

Columbine, red 1 2023Columbine, red 1 2023

The shooting stars, also growing near the same waterfall, were a refreshing surprise.

Shooting Star 1 2023Shooting Star 1 2023

Both sides of the trail were covered with Richardson's geraniums.  Ever wonder how the bright red house plants and these are related?

Richardson's geranium 1 2023Richardson's geranium 1 2023

I am considering the images above and others for one of the books I am designing.  The other book will feature some geological portraits in New Mexico and southern Colorado.  Naturally, the Ghost Ranch area near Abiquiu will be an integral part.

O'Keefe Country landscapes - still life by natureO'Keefe Country landscapes - still life by nature

O'Keefe Country landscapes designs in sandstoneO'Keefe Country landscapes designs in sandstone

Who knows what will evolve during the week in the world of writing and photography for all of us?


Thanks to Connie T., Robert, Terry T., Barbara F. R., Jean & Sam, Marilyn G., Robert, and Kelli D., for commenting this week.

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Steve Immel(non-registered)
As Connie writes, the hummingbird image is killer. The motion blur says more than stopped motion ever could. Kudos to you for pursuing self-publishing. It's something that attracts me, but I have no clue about getting distribution. I'd like to have a fair shot at selling some (one). Like me you've got fodder for dozen books after all these years. Please let me know when you've got one out there so I can get a first edition.

Don't you think the Columbines look like critters hanging from a branch? The first Ghost Ranch image could be a drone shot or an intimate landscape. And the striations are quintessentially Ghost Ranch.
Lovely variety as we move toward another season of unimagined delights & …
Connie Taylor(non-registered)
So happy you are into publishing mode. Finding affordable quality printing and binding are a challenge. You should consider writing a manual for archiving thousands of images so retrieval is possible. You have an organizational mind as well as a creative one. That could just be a POD for a small fee. Love the hummer image. Dark and stark appeals to me.
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