aged roses and new snow

January 15, 2024  •  1 Comment

We have been lucky this week.  Snow has fallen during the night and throughout the day on several occasions.  Almost any location in the Southwestern United States can use moisture in whatever form it presents itself.  This time, it happened to be snow rather than rain, either in a powder skiers dream of, or wet and solid, worthy of an igloo or snowman.  It was powder both days, a bit easier to remove with shovel or hefty strokes of a broom.  The temperatures were such that it simply did not start melting until today.  Which left the perfect photography backdrop.

Roses, in all their glory, make compelling photographic subjects.  From bud to initial and full bloom, and even as they dry and take on that aged copper patina, they offer beauty, ready to be captured.  Although it is frowned upon in the world of Feng Shui, I tend to keep some dried roses just for the subtle color and shapes of their chameleon selves.  Put together with the mottled mini-landscape partially melted snow provides, they shine as if in original bloom.  Here are two images of a dried miniature rose bud from last March.  In all of the photographs here, the granular snow is a big player.

aged roses and snow 4aged roses and snow 4

aged roses and snow 3aged roses and snow 3



A lone petal on the snow carries shades of pink and burnished orange.

aged roses and snow 7aged roses and snow 7




The full stems with buds and leaves

aged roses and snow 2aged roses and snow 2




Two different angles and a slightly darker take on the roses adds a bit of mystery.

aged roses and snow 1aged roses and snow 1

aged roses and snow 5aged roses and snow 5



And finally, a very Victorian-looking rose, shares its subtleties.   aged roses and snow 6aged roses and snow 6

As I said in my mini-book Complex and Sublime:  flowers through the lens, I beg to differ with Gertrude Stein who said "A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose", which they are.  But then.....


Thanks to Marilyn G., Gustavo, Jean & Sam, Char, Steve, Barbara F. R., Marilyn R., Dianne J., Robert, Lucia, Kay C. for writing last week!

until next Monday,


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Steve Immel(non-registered)
Photographing the dry roses in the crystalline snow was a super idea. And I love your description of the "aged copper patina." Spot on. It suits the flowers perfectly. I observe that the first two images somehow resemble insects. I see bodies, wings and appendages. And I find the crooks and curls of the stems equally evocative. The final image is glorious. Thee's so much crepe paper texture to the flower. Once again, you've found the perfect background. Thanks for the lovely set of images.
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