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October 05, 2015  •  2 Comments

You can see the veins of gold and yellow in the Rocky Mountains from miles away.  Given the fact that today is the 5th of October, it is a bit late for such an abundance of color.  Not that I nor anyone else is complaining.  It is stunning.  Many of the scrub oaks (with one of the shortest growing seasons in New Mexico), have not even begun to turn colors.  But the aspen are in high fashion mode.  I have never seen as much red as there is along Highway 64 between Tres Piedras and Tierra Amarilla this year.  The colors run the gamut between plum and yellow, with assorted shades of red and orange in between.  I photograph trees in this area every year and have yet to determine why one year yields more colors or different colors.  Some people say it is the right combination of moisture and dryness at just the right time.  In addition to the golds and reds, the color of the trunks seems to be whiter.

Aspen trunks_Aspen trunks_   Aspen profileAspen profile The clouds were playing tag with the sun during this shoot, making it necessary to stand in one place for a bit until the light was right.  The young aspen below, under a canopy of other trees, was in just enough shade to mute the colors slightly.

Young aspenYoung aspen

The leaves in this grove of aspen were outrageous and reminded me of artificially-colored gumdrops.

Aspen gumdropsAspen gumdrops

Below is a many-colored aspen abstraction.  You can almost smell the forest.

Aspen abstractAspen abstract Enjoy the transition!

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Ann Maes(non-registered)
Amazing what the extra moisture can do to enhance Nature's beauty! Great photo's!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
You have some wonderful compositions here, Daryl. One would think that the centering of the two aspens up top would be static but this time the symmetry is perfect. Goes to show that rules are made to be broken, You've got the leaves in the foreground and the background and both work beautifully. The bottom shot is almost as abstract which is very cool.
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