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October 12, 2015  •  7 Comments

Trying my best not to begin this blog like Dashiell Hammett, I will say there was a morning last week when the fog lay over the land like a linen shirt, each block of the weave holding droplets of water that appeared in front of my eyes as the sun tried to make an appearance.  Fred was the first one to see a spider web, a cup holding individual droplets of water on each strand.  It was extraordinary.  As we walked, we saw more and more.  They were literally everywhere, each a jewel.  I went back to the house and grabbed my camera in haste.  The sun was about to emerge and remove the droplets.  There was no time to lose.  These are some of the results.

spider webs-3spider webs-3   spider webs-2spider webs-2

You can see the droplets on every portion of the web, including the long structural elements that give the appearance of a suspension bridge. spider websspider webs

spider webs-4spider webs-4 A detail of the web of life

spider web detailspider web detail

Of course, a blog  including photographs of webs at this time of year would be incomplete without a photograph of the largest spider on the move in our area, the tarantula.  This one was definitely on a mission!


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Sandra Bray(non-registered)
For me, I love the first and fourth images. What strikes me are two things. The light and shadow are beautifully contrasted. And the architecture of the small creature stops me, in wonder. Thank you Daryl.
From Portugal..your first photo reaches the pinnacle of your photographic panache!!. The last a National Geographic contest winner?!?
Andrea Szekeres(non-registered)
So cool! Just love the dewy webs and the shadowy tarantula. Super capture of some of our seasonal charms.
Terry Thompson(non-registered)
I agree with Steve, my favorites being 1 & 5 as well. Also like the cool tarantula image. Looks like a man with a mission. That mission being to find his lady.... His shadow is really charming.
It's all about being in the right place at the right time with your camera
Congrats Gorgeous work. Both you and the arachnids
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