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April 27, 2015  •  3 Comments

The spring festival at Tierra Wools in Los Ojos was held on Saturday, and although it was snowing near the pass on Highway 64 between Tres Piedras and Tierra Amarilla, the weather worked.  Sun and shadow led the day.  Many locals and out-of-towners showed for the event.  Had it been on Sunday, however, the situation would have been much different.  We are happy for the additional and substantial rain and snow that fell, but apparently, the highways on Sunday were a disaster.  People were not expecting slush to be at that tipping point when it becomes very slick, and many were driving too fast for the weather conditions.  That is why spring in the Rocky Mountains is tricky.

Nature has given most of the vegetation and animals the genetic ability to wait until the time is right to leaf or bloom or flower or nest.  Below is a scenic along Highway 64. Besides the sky, the only bright color is the grass and a few stray dandelions.  You really have to squint and have the light falling perfectly to see a scant yellow/green starting to appear in the tree tops.

Highway 64 scenicHighway 64 scenic

But the snow is melting, rapidly, working its way on one side to the Rio Ojo Caliente and on to the Rio Grande, and on the other side to the Rio Chama, also emptying eventually in the Rio Grande, leaving the most interesting abstractions.

water abstractwater abstract

At this point, I will fast forward a week or two, to the spring green that is poised to appear in the aspen trees.

Aspen spring greenAspen spring green Another two weeks or so after that -  in late May and early June high on the pass when frogs are in full voice in the mountain ponds - these jewels can be found.  Marsh marigolds hug the ground and are scattered in the grass, which is saturated to bog status.  Wet butt photography at its finest.

marsh marigold-2marsh marigold-2

until next Monday,


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Black on the Mesa(non-registered)
Thanks, Sam, for the comments! With luck, little Sammy will be exiting left very, very soon!
Singapore Sam(non-registered)
Daryl, your lead photo is a worldwide winner. Best of the Brazos. Best of Show!!
Steve Immel(non-registered)
I'm sorry we missed you at Tierra Wools. We arrived about 1:30pm and left an hour later. We were disappointed not to see you and Fred and thought you might not be attending. I wish we stayed a little longer.

The village of Los Ojos and the Tierra Wool building are beyond charming. We are delighted to have seen it and will undoubtedly return to paint and photograph.

We recognized Fred's amazing work from across the room. It is, in our humble opinions, in a whole other league.

Your shots of the always spectacular drive from TP to TA are wonderful. I'm always captivated by the flowing creeks that meander through the pastureland. Beautiful.
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