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Wind is one of those forces of nature that effects almost everything and everyone.  It churns the water in lakes, refreshing them for a new season of growth. I have recently been told that certain wine regions in France such as the Rhone Valley and Provence gain their success because of the "mistral winds".  But wind also drove people literally mad during the Dust Bowl days. Judging from the behavior of drivers in New Mexico, the wind (not to mention allergies) is exerting its influence in profound ways.

We were walking into the vegetable section of Whole Foods the other day, and a gentleman (a complete stranger) threw his hands up in the air and said "Serenity now", smiling as he walked by.  Obviously, he made an instant judgement call that I or someone else would understand his reference to the oft repeated line from the Seinfeld television series.  It was hilarious and my husband and I both exploded in laughter.  Perhaps he was sensing the temporary insanity the wind was producing.  It made me think about what images either produce a calming effect or capture interest enough to make one serene.  

I have always loved this photograph of columbines along a mountain stream carrying a recent rain.  You can almost feel the gentle coolness and moisture.


Every time I enlarge this image, I find different details.  You can view the subtleties in it by either zooming on the blog page or by going into the photograph section of my website and clicking on "blog site."  A slide show presents each image as full-screen.

aspen reflection ala Monetaspen reflection ala Monet

For me, the image below of lotus leaves and pods is serenity. 

lotus leaveslotus leaves

Finally, a visual mind bender, something to let the mind explore and wander.

shell 2shell 2

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Steve Immel(non-registered)
You are on such a roll! These, as Terry says, are "lovely" and poetic, too. From the water laden columbines to the movement of the reflections, the translucence of the leaves and the spiral whirl of the shell all are a marvel.
Terry Thompson(non-registered)
Simply Lovely!
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