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As humans, our eyes bring settings into stereo view, which enables us to see broad vistas and take in the "big picture" before we zoom in on details.  Sometimes, we don't see smaller elements of that picture at all, which is one of the reasons I love the details of which the setting, person, animal, or flower are composed.

So I frequently look at flowers from the inside out.  Here is a "big picture" of a Golden Wings rose, with its lush, flat white to yellow petals.

inside out 1rose - inside out 1

The inside out view is equally compelling.

inside out 4rose - inside out 4

This showy rose is like a dramatic dance costume.

inside out 5rose - inside out 5

Finally, the stamens and pistil of a datura flower, found throughout the high and low Southwest deserts.

inside out 3datura - inside out 3

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