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May 24, 2015  •  2 Comments

I have the people who put the BBC News website together to thank for this week's blog. The website features a section titled "In Pictures" and within that, I discovered Photo Challenge:  12 x 12.  The idea is to challenge and develop your photographic skills.  Each month, a different challenge is presented.  Here it is nearly the end of May, but because I was blissfully unaware of the challenge, I am a bit behind.  Regardless, I decided to take the first challenge this Memorial Day weekend.  The challenge was suggested by Vanessa Winship.  "Take a route you're familiar with but have never photographed along and photograph someone or something every 100 or so steps."  The route I chose was Paseo del Pueblo Norte to Kit Carson Road in Taos, location of the Wilder Nightingale Gallery.  My friend Steve Immel, photographer and writer extraordinaire, along with his superbly talented wife, Peggy, a prize winning and renowned painter, were the featured artists for a Saturday night opening there.  It gave me an excuse to photograph something every 100 steps. 

The first thing I discovered is that this task was much easier said than done.  100 steps happened in a real hurry and I was trying to be honest to the task at hand.  Taking only one photograph when you arrived at each destination was another challenge, particularly on Memorial Day weekend in Taos.  The main drag, Paseo del Pueblo Norte, was jammed with cars and motorcycles.  My husband and I walked the route both to and from the gallery which offered different light and traffic flow, in addition to a different perspective.

Hot muscle cars were in ample supply.  An "arrest me red" Dodge Challenger drove by at the end of one of the 100 step sequences.

Challenge 12 12 BBC-5Challenge 12 12 BBC-5

Here is a shot of the chaos at the corner of Kit Carson Road and Paseo.

Challenge 12 12 BBC-6Challenge 12 12 BBC-6

"Such is the essence of lilac" with two motorcycles reflected in the flowers

Challenge 12 12 BBC-2Challenge 12 12 BBC-2

Another reflection of the main drag with weavings in the foreground at Starr Interiors

Challenge 12 12 BBCChallenge 12 12 BBC

You know you have landed in Taos when an acupuncture/Chinese medicine practice and a tattoo parlor are in such close proximity.

Challenge 12 12 BBC-3Challenge 12 12 BBC-3

I loved seeing these two bikers from Tulsa, Oklahoma, walking hand in hand.

Challenge 12 12 BBC-4Challenge 12 12 BBC-4 Although none of these shots are what I would deem "prize winners", the BBC 12 x 12 photo challenge accomplished its purpose and much more.  I hope those of you who are reading and are interested in photography will take up the challenge and let me know how it altered your point of view.

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Really great to see these! Love the Challenge Challenger photo!
[email protected](non-registered)
Boy, this is a great challenge. I accept and will attempt. I'm sure it will teach me to "see" better and more. There's a photograph worth taking every step and minute of the day. We just have to open our eyes. Thanks for the images you took in that two block stretch of Paseo del Norte. Thanks, too, for touting our show at Wilder Nightingale. See you soon.
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