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The first of June it is, and summer is starting to make an appearance on the mesa after a record-setting, wet and cool May.  With warmer and more predictable weather as well as drier roads, you will see more results of my environmental portraiture project on future blog pages.  

I spent Saturday afternoon with Paule Marx at her home in Taos.  Paule and the magical land on which she lives are a pair.  They are both exceptional.  It is indeed stunning that her place could be possible in the relatively dry, high elevation mesa country that comprises much of Taos County, but, as they say, all it takes is water.  And as the high mountain snow melts in spring, that water flows into the bottom land that lays below the mesas surrounding the city.  The resulting look of efforts to reclaim land and establish a series of ponds for the cultivation of native species such as otters and beavers, numerous birds, frogs, and plant life is what I would describe as halcyon.  It is definitely easy on the eyes.  Paule Marx, as owner and caregiver for this patch of paradise, matches it perfectly.  If ever there was a person who sheds light or illuminates every space she enters, it is Paule. It is difficult for me to describe, but she glows, and I have wanted to photograph her for quite some time.  I feel lucky that I was able to do that.


She wanted to be photographed during a time when the yellow water iris were in bloom, so she took her canoe onto the first pond.  

Paule Marx 4Paule Marx 4

A tighter shot with Paule and the iris

Paule Marx 3Paule Marx 3

 The afternoon light and the reflective power of the water surrounding her made for perfect fill light for the close-up below.

Paule Marx 2Paule Marx 2

Paule is a Renaissance woman.  She is an artist, social activist, and teacher.  The next two shots were made in her studio.

Paule Marx  B&WPaule Marx B&W

It was truly hard to make decisions about which photographs to include here because she loves life and her face adores the camera lens.

Paule Marx 1Paule Marx 1

Thanks, Paule!

until next Monday,


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Blacks Crossing Photography and Writing
Thanks so much, TTT and D&D for your comments and support. More portraits are coming!
D & D(non-registered)
This week's blog was so intriguing we found ourselves researching and comparing portraitures. The colors, reflections, and environmental stories captured here are par excellence! Thank you, Daryl, not only for your photographic talents, but for your ability to seek out and share exceptional people and places with all of us. Thank you, Paule, not only for your inner glow and beauty, but for creating such an earth-conscious venue in Taos.
These are stunning pix
you captured so many moods
the light on Paule in the first canoe pix is stupendous!
Just magnificent portraits! Your fans want to see more portraits!!!
Blacks Crossing Photography and Writing
Thanks, Steve and Catherine! Your words are always appreciated.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
I couldn't agree more about Paule. She is absolutely radiant and you've captured her bright eyes and extraordinary smile so beautifully. They are all wonderful. I particularly like the bottom image with the catchlight in her eyes and the soft focus of the easel and paintings in the background. That's environmental portraiture at its best. Simply great!
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