Wool Festival in review

October 09, 2017  •  4 Comments

This weekend was the Taos Wool Festival held in Kit Carson Park.  From the Friday wind that sent the top of our EZ Up tent flying when we were setting up, to the gorgeous, sunny autumn weather on Saturday and Sunday, it was a busy and wonderfully social event.

Teamwork is the key during the festival, and my job is to help Fred during the event in any way I can.  So my primary mission was definitely not photography. These are grab shots and just a very brief representation of the "booth" and some of the animals in the park.




I suspect the caged rabbits were going through their own traumas will all the people oohing and aahing, trying to get their attention.  It would be interesting to know what this one was thinking.


These vicuñas were absolutely adorable.  About the size of a seven year old, children and adults alike love their sweetness.

Wool Fest 2017 vicuña 2Wool Fest 2017 vicuña 2


Wool Fest 2017 vicuña 1Wool Fest 2017 vicuña 1


Fred and I would like to thank the many people who stopped by to say hello and wish us luck.  Bill and Sue, Barbara and Jerry, and Victoria came from Santa Fe and we appreciate them making that long drive.  Buf, Steve, Terry, Geraint, Steve V., Gail and Earle, Andrea, Melissa and Steve, Janet, Paule and Maury, Elida and Alfie, Klara and Jivan with their wee one, Richard and Matt, Paul and Helen, and others "the day after the weekend fog" keeps me from remembering, brightened our days.  We appreciate your presence.  And many thanks to the people who bought rugs and rifle scabbards, and those also who came to see Fred's work and admire it from afar.  


until next Monday,


a passion for the [email protected]



Sara Woodburn(non-registered)
What a beautiful and impressive array of rugs! Wish we could have been there in person, but looking forward to seeing you soon in person.
The rugs are so gorgeous! Your photos just make me want to go hug those little vicuñas. So cute. Those are my size of livestock. I don't think I could be a good cattle rancher, because none of the cattle would go to slaughter- I would make pets of them all and then would have the oldest cattle in the nation. I'd have to build a bunkhouse for the bovine geriatric care staff. :) I really like your covering for your booth; it's hard to contend with wind, when you have a giant sail, but looks like you managed beautifully. That festival looks so fun.
Wow, so beautiful and perfect. Lovely photos.
Steve Immel(non-registered)
Thanks for another look at Fred's amazing rugs. Visiting the wool festival each fall is a highlight of the young season. His rugs are really special, in a class of their own.
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